The Werks / Press

“The Werks has us hooked. The energy level is above and beyond when they’re in the house. They rise way up to the occasion.”

“It wouldn't surprise me if the members of The Werks were all virtuosos in musical theory. Sometimes that's not necessary for rock musicians, but The Werks takes everything a step further...”

“They are a very solid band with as many changes as the weather in Ohio. Nice to have them on such short notice.”

“Hookahville!! Dayton's The Werks among the performers at outdoor music festival May 23-25”

“Jam band music is more popular than ever locally and one of the guiding lights of this grassroots revival is The Werks. The local four-piece is gearing up for a big summer of outdoor festivals and club gigs...”

“In order to fully understand The Werks, one must first witness them perform live. Self-described as a groove rock band, The Werks' original songs explore genres such as funk, electronica, soul, bluegrass, jazz, afro-cuban, celtic, R&B, and dance.”

“I had heard of them through some of my friends from Ohio, but I had never heard their music. I have to say, I was impressed. They were a lot of fun. For an opening band that I planned on ignoring, it turned out to be a nice surprise.”