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“Opening with the explosive ‘BPM (I Feel Rhythm)," The Well Reds set the stage for one of the grooviest and most energetic albums we’ve heard in a long, long time."”

"​In addition to Jeremy Ezell’s spot on talent of manipulating every songs carefully constructed lyrics into a meaningful and soul grabbing masterpiece, the underlying vocal harmonies are note for note and breath for breath in direct sync with the genius of Jeremy’s meticulous and well thought out phrasing … If I am permitted to have but one complaint, it is this: They have not as yet permeated the air waves which will instantly transform them into a household name, and I am impatient to see and hear more of them, right stinking now! But, they are about to break loose, so be forewarned."

"The crowd was also surprisingly diverse, and it was a great turnout." "The last song, “BPM (I Feel Rhythm),” was an excellent exit song—a real showstopper. The energy was incredible, solidifying The Well Reds as an exciting band, and definitely leaving a memorable impression... All in all, The Well Reds put on a great show, and we are more eager than ever to see what the band has to release in November with their album, Volume."

"How "Carousels" is not a huge hit yet is really beyond me. With the qualities of a great alternative rock band (with a touch of pop), The Well Reds are all set to rival similar-genre bands like OneRepublic and Hot Chelle Rae."

““A whip-my-hair-back-and-forth singalong track that’ll make every cell in your body wanna do the shimmy.” “This track (Do You Still Love Me) has you hooked right from the beginning with a crazy catchy beat.””

“The quartet just premiered the newest track from the album, “Do You Still Love Me,” a catchy track reminiscent of Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, and Maroon 5, which premiered on Indie Shuffle and has over (30,000) plays on Soundcloud. The band has opened for acts such as Daughtry, Hot Chelle Rae, Parachute, and Minus The Bear.”

“Trey Morgan (national Radio Personality) "Nicely done, Job well done, you guys really rocked." ______________ Jason Ienner (manager, Hot Chelle Rae fmr. of The Fray)"I thought you guys really brought that song to life live... It was amazing to see... I really loved it." _________________ Lee Dannay (VP of A&R, Warner/Chappell Music) "Yeah I agree the chorus is real stand out... it's real hooky and anthemic and you guys played it with energy and enthusiasm... Makes me want to hear a whole album... if that's the beginning I'm really excited." ________________ Steve Lillywhite (U2, DMB, 30 Seconds to Mars) "I think you've (Jeremy) got a damn good voice for a little fellow...the vocals are great."”

On the performance of "Violet" @ the - Ourstage Panel Series 1 "Finale" live in NY playing w/ Hot Chele Rae part 1.

“Sharon Dastur (Program Director Z100, NY) "I though exactly what they're saying... hitting those high notes was really impressive... I love how you came out right away, got the crowd involved clapping and singing along. Great Job." _____________________ Trey- "So far everybody loves you." ______________________ Bruce Tyler (Former VP of Sony Music) "... I think after that performance you separated yourself from other artist trying to do the same thing, well done." _____________________ Trey - "So really you just went 5 for 5 with the panelist."”

On the performance of "Violet" @ the - Ourstage Panel Series 1 "Finale" live in NY w/ Hot Chele Rae part 2.

"It's the perfect medley of alternative rock and pop that will make you want to jam along." "The lyrics are paired perfectly with impeccable guitar skills throughout ... creating a catchy, sing-along ready tune."

“These guys definitely have created an insatiable element within their work that keeps listeners hooked on tight and in tune…"”

"Do You Still Love Me, a catchy song with great instrumentation that had my subconscious hitting repeat long after my first listen."

“Composed of seasoned musicians and a uniquely distinctive sound, The Well Reds’ tailored orchestration of emotional yet mature pop anthems will have you humming the melody and singing the lyrics just after one listen.”

“The Well Reds' Alternative Rock sound emphasizes on the acute collaboration of pop influenced vocals, deep piano harmonies mixed-in with some vivacious and solid guitar licks. Their tunes carry the catchiness of the pop genre, but this band induces quite the rock vitality throughout their set hitting each note harder than the one before while connecting passionately to very line delivered.”

“Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia…The Well Reds is an Alt-Pop Rock band that is the epitome of pure musical bliss. These guys have taken all of their life experiences and inner energy and combined them to create songs that are so relatable that they grab at your heartstrings while stimulating your brain stem. If you are a fan of amazing well written songs sung by a singer who makes you feel like you have known him all your life, you will love The Well Reds as much as we do. Big radio songs filled with energy, passion and emotion. Love this band!”

“In short, The Well Reds are the real deal. They are a rock-pop band with the musicianship, technical skill, songwriting, and stage presence to be a compliment to the artists to whom they are often compared... Just a few beats into Violet, the title track from their freshman EP, and you'll find yourself humming along, wondering how you somehow know this song you've never heard before...”

“The votes are in, the battles are over and a Grand Prize winner (NMS 2011 Live @ Roxy) has been confirmed. Meet The Well Reds, an Atlanta pop-rock quartet whose song “6 More Months” rose all the way to the top...”

“The Well Reds new EP, ‘Violet’, is a brilliant Pop/Rock album. As soon as the title track starts you know it’s going to be good. Following up the first song, the other tracks try out different tempos and hooks, but never stray from a platinum selling polish.”

"The Well Reds combine creative pop melodies with meaningful lyrics that shine brightly with their new release. Their live show is equally intriguing."

David Claassen - BMI

“Great alternative pop/rock songwriting, excellent harmonies, and a mature and intricate "wall-of-sound" feel in their songs with great dynamics. These guys are serious about their music.”

“The Well Reds really connect with you through their authentic and straightforward lyrics. Listening to The Well Reds is feeling their pain, love, sorrow, and joy and almost unknowingly provoking similar emotions of your own.”

Matt Shamus - DiscRevolt

“Listened to their EP, Violet, on ReverbNation. DUG what I was hearing. Great melodies. Soaring vocals. Pounding piano keys. Queen meets Crash Kings. So I downloaded the EP and I cannot stop listening to it.”

“The Well Reds brilliantly tackled "Bohemian Rhapsody'" nailing all the vocals and music notes... Prog-rock was finally represented as The Well Reds absolutely demolished "Tom Sawyer" by Rush (you would be hard pressed to find a better version even from the lips of Geddy Lee Himself).”

Mixtape - on TWReds' 500 Songs For Kids Performances

“Their music is an extraordinary combination of haunting melody and relentless rhythm, performed with passion and musicality”

Steve Rucker - Fmr. Drummer for the Bee Gees, UM Frost School of Music

“Awesome AWESOME band!! Excellent live show and down to earth guys. A must see act.”

August Rising - on TWReds' NMS Roxy Performance

"Keep an eye out for The Well Reds, the band has an awesome sound and excellent chemistry. Don't be surprised when you see them headlining sold out shows!"

Dan - -Zillionears

“All of the elements are right... This album is a total hit, the kind you can throw in your CD player and rock around Atlanta for hours, just admiring our beautiful city.”

“The Well Reds impressed me through every one of their songs that I've heard. Rising out of the mass that is the Atlanta, GA musical pool of talent... they are more than ready to make it big.”

The_Browski_Nerd - Freelance Music Spotlight

"The Well Reds should rename the band The Well Heards because people need to listen to these guys."

Randy co-host - WXRY Unsigned Columbia, SC

“... one thing is certain, after a listen you're bound to have many of the lyrics stuck in your head and that's the mere hope of every band today.”