The Wee-Beasties / Press

"On the flip-side of the album will be the unusual punk band the Wee-Beasties. What makes them unusual? They are a punk band that uses a horn section. That should make them a ska band, but no; they are punk. The album features their two new songs “Fleshlight” and “Lauren in a Bathing Suit.” “Fleshlight” is hilarious and awesome as they sing about exactly what you think a song called “Fleshlight” is about. “Lauren” is the song that features a horn section which makes it almost a surf punk song with its driving down picking style and wailing trumpets."

""What I want to do is go out there and just musically and show-wise just destroy every night, and I think our shows do destroy and get us a decent amount of notoriety.” When he uses the word destroy, it is to be taken completely seriously. Wee Beasties shows are notorious for violent mosh pits, destroyed equipment (both the club’s and their own) and bodily injury. Haskins typically jumps down into the audience early into the set and bandies about his finite space with a take-on-all-comers attitude. His most die-hard fans are not afraid to mix it up with him, unaffected by the fact that he will usually be wearing nothing but women’s underwear and a couple of coats of sweat."

Brian Rash - The Dentoneer

"Haskins was strutting and screaming fit to wake GG Alin from the grave. It was more than Haskins' chutzpah that made my jaw drop. There was the febrile drumming, and the slash and burn power of a brass section far too young to sound that good. And when had brass ever taken on the messy, ticked off ethos of punk? And how could Haskins bray like a donkey on acid and still crush out a coherent melody line from that brawling, roiling noise? But he did. The whole band did."

"Richard Haskins, vocalist for the band the Wee-Beasties -- who will be performing at the show on Saturday -- is proud of the idea. "Who doesn't enjoy a good MILF?" he said. "Plus, we're holding it the day before mother's day. Classy!" According to the event listing, those who can enter are "a hot mom of any age." If you don't have kids, you have to be "over 28 and smoking hot." Offensive? Yes, probably."

"I got a couple of preemptive apologies from locals about this band before they even got on-stage, so naturally I was already excited to see them! Luckily I’m not offended by crazy dudes or ska. That about sums up this fun and wacky punk/surf band. The real treat is the completely insane frontman who is ready and willing to do anything to put on a memorable performance. I think the photo says it all. This band is a crowd-pleaser to say the least!"