The Wasted Lives / Press

“Crisp vibrant picking with down home rich and pleasantly rough vocals weave great story telling with a classic fiddle and memorable melodies.”

“When I received a sound sample from this group, my response was, "where have you guys been." They performed for our pre-show audience last spring on the front porch. They also hung around for the after-the- show jam session at the Abita Brew Pub. They are a delight to hear and some very nice people. If you like the great sound of ‘Honky Tonk" country music, you will love the Wasted Lives. They have been performing in the New Orleans area, and will be a great addition to our stage. You can watch this on Charter cable on Channel 10 or Charter HD on Channel 710 or 10.1”

“Picked for Gambit's "10 Concerts to Avoid Football Fatigue" Pg.38.”

“The Wasted Lives host a jamboree at the Allways Lounge”