The Warhawks / Press

"South Jersey rockers The Warhawks have released a new single called “Just Let Me.” The track is taken from the four-piece’s forthcoming effort called Exodus, set for release this spring. The manic and aggressive nature of “Just Let Me” ups the heaviness from previous releases, ripping into a dexterous guitar solo while recalling the energy of The Clash (though they have been compared to the grittier, early manifestation of modern rockers Kings of Leon as well). Take a listen to “Just Let Me” below and stay tuned for details on a record release show coming soon."

"The New Jersey natives, The Warhawks, were the next on stage and brought the house down. Their fans showed them love as they came out in droves to support them. By the time they stepped on stage everyone was settled in and ready to see more. They were new to me and had many people scratching their heads wondering if they had been living under a rock because it was obvious many people have heard of them and came out to see their performance. Their album Times and Tides was released in 2012 and they continue to gain fans and notoriety. Check out their music on Reverbnation and download some of their music for free!"

“Monday: Hailing from the murky catacombs of Gloucester City, The Warhawks bring the rock in a way that’ll remind you that rock is, in fact, quite fun. The fellas are currently offering a handful of tunes for download on their website (read: go them right now), and Great Waveriders Of The 20th Century is another proud addition to their budding catalogue. With a twinge of countrified swagger and pop sheen, The Warhawks’ music can be compared to a number of other groups’, but is best enjoyed on its own countless merits. w/ The Formulary & The Once Was, 8 p.m., free, Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St., 215-291-4919. ”

“We think of The Warhawks as South Jersey’s answer to Kings of Leon. And hey, that’s not an insult, music snobs. Sure, KoL’s “Use Somebody” is a trite mess, but if you think back to before they were overblown and overplayed, the Tennessee troopers could kick it with the best of the gritty American rockers. Likewise, The Warhawks - a four piece from Gloucester City - are the real deal. Genuine and unpretentious, these four young dudes have a knack for 90s hooks, tight arrangements and making loud amplifiers do their bidding. They blew Jake Rabid and myself away with their Local Tracks Session this past Sunday night, so much so that we want to hear it again. Tune in to the Philly Local Second Shift on Thursday, Aug. 19, to hear a playback of Thw Warhawks Local Tracks Session in it entirety.”