“Chicago’s very own The Wanton Looks have finally released their first full-length self-titled release!!! The Wanton Looks are an all female power-poppin’ punk rockin’ band that will kick you in the teeth with their riffs, hooks, harmonies, and swagger and you craving more. Imagine Wild Flag and how much you love them…. The Wanton Looks are the band that would kick their ass on stage and later in a dark alley. Just go buy the fucking album already. Tracks of interest: “Worst Side Of Me”, “Demons”, “All Your Fault”, “Come On”, “Forget You”, ”Electromagnetic Force”, well… the whole fucking album.”

“First off, gotta give some props to the strong new release from The Wanton Looks who celebrate the release with of their self-titled debut with a show at Schuba’s this Saturday night. NY Doll-ish riffing meets no fear of sweet hooks. I’ve already invited them to be a guest on Local Anesthetic in June. Also releasing a new set this week are Shy Technology Hear a track from Getting Rich, Staying Poor on this Sunday’s show. And guess who’s back after a many year absence? Jack Scratch. No lie. 2012 is the appropriately named disc and we’ll be firing that up along with other new Chicago tunes that I’ve to figure out yet. New Chicago music on this week’s Local Anesthetic, Sunday night at 7:30, here on XRT. Read more: New Music On This Week’s Anesthetic http://wxrt.radio.com/2012/03/30/new-music-on-this-weeks-anesthetic-2/#ixzz1r89km03F”

“Shootin' You The Wanton Looks ”

“Top weekend show: Wanton Looks at Schubas March 29, 2012|Greg Kot | Music critic Wanton Looks: This Chicago quartet celebrates the release of its self-titled debut album with songs that have been honed over years of live gigs for maximum clenched-fist impact. Traci Trouble, Meg Thomas, Inga Olson and Susie Q. Winn combine metal virtuosity – 10-ton guitar solos, rampaging drums – with don’t-mess-with-me garage-punk attitude, 10 p.m. Saturday at Schubas, 3159 N. Southport, $8; schubas.com.”

“The Wanton Looks -The Wanton Looks”

“Top Concerts of 2011”

“Wanton Looks: 'Upset, ticked off, ready to rock'”

“The Wanton Looks dropped a rock bomb on Quenchers’ stage late Saturday night, blitzing through 11 songs in 45 minutes and decimating everything in their path. The room held 100. The performance warranted a setting at least 10 times that size. Lead singer and bassist Traci Trouble, drummer Meg Thomas and guitarists Inga Olson and Susie Q. played a thrilling show and showed once again that they have the look, the attitude, the chops and, crucially, the songs to hit the big time... ”

“The Wanton Looks at myspace.com/wantonlooks: Bad-girl harmonies (think Shangri-La’s) meet fuzzed-up guitar and relentless tempos. Sure it’s been done countless times before, but when it’s done well – with fizzy hooks and towering sing-along choruses – who can complain? “Electromagnetic Force” is aptly named, “Demons” stomps like Motorhead, the first chord on “Worst Side of Me” sounds like a bomb detonating.”

“For the sake of argument, let's try to imagine a world where everything even indirectly related to rock 'n' roll is as insufferably uncool as your gouty aunt's country-club bridge game. While it's a safe bet that rock would lose 99.9 percent of its fans to other modes of conspicuous consumption, you can be sure that local rocker Traci Trouble (formerly of Hotlips Messiah and the Paper Bullets) would still be doing everything she's doing now. I've met very few people as passionately dedicated to "the rock" as Trouble, and for her new band, the Wanton Looks, she's found three other women who share her devotion. Songs like "Worst Side of Me" (on an upcoming seven-inch comp from Kalamazoo's UFO Dictator Records) and "Demons" combine the snarly, cocksure aggression of Joan Jett & the Blackhearts with Buzzcocks-a-riffic guitar solos and a surplus of well-placed vocal hooks.”

“The Wanton Looks' set included hooky, ferocious versions of "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah " and "Electromagnetic Force," which recalled the metallic guitar crunch of the New York Dolls, the Ramones and Bikini Kill. "Forget You" showcased the fine chops of drummer Meg Thomas. As always, strikingly statuesque lead singer Traci Trouble completely commanded the stage, and her passionate intensity was infectious. She was well-supported by guitarists Susie Q and Inga Olson.”

“I ventured out into the arctic cold Thursday night and wound up discovering my new favorite band. The Wanton Looks headlined a four-band bill on a "Girls Out of the Garage" showcase at Lincoln Hall. They were by far the best band. You want to know what's funny? Bassist and lead singer Traci Trouble, guitarists Inga Olson and Susie Q, and drummer Meg Thomas have been together for just about a year and have played only about 10 shows. For them to be this good as a band in such a short time together is indicative of the chemistry they share. Trouble gives you the impression that she's earned her name. She's the band's main creative force and its physical one, too, flanked by engaging guitarsts Olson and Susie Q and backed by Thomas, who pounds the drums with relentless purpose. Each has a strong stage presence - with no pretense. They look like a gang ready to take on the world. They seemingly have the talent, look and passion to do it, too.”

“The all-female four-piece Wanton Looks closed out the night with their brand of old fashioned punk with killer harmonies and infectious guitar solos. Lead singer Traci Trouble is a true rock star in the making, effectively using her pulpit to make the audience laugh as well as draw them into the music by bouncing around on stage and at one point, collapsing on the floor. All the while Trouble grinned widely, clearly enjoying herself; the crowd was right there along with her eating up every minute of the action. The Wanton Looks ended their set with the song “Electromagnetic Force.” It is the kind of song that stays inside your head long after the show ends because of its lingering guitar solos (courtesy of Susie Q and Inga Olson) and impeccable drum beats (courtesy of Meg Thomas).”