The Wanton Bishops / Press

"It’s really hard to try to stop myself from listening to them all day."

"Ils ont enflammé le club, entraîné les gens dans leur show et prouvé que le blues/rock made in Lebanon, ça dépote ! Entre les solo d’harmonica, les riffs de grattes bien choisis et la voix puissante de Nader, le public est clairement comblé."

"Les titres aux allures rock/blues oldies se consomment sans modération."

"You’re most likely going to get a real kick out of this one." "The band, with its style and influences, is certainly an anomaly in the region. So how does a music deeply rooted in American folklore and born from the struggle of a different people relate to us? Nader’s got his own view on that: “I think the Lebanese audience can relate to the blues pretty damn well. Lebanese have the blues, being at war for the last three decades! We even have our own equivalent of blues music, the folklore mijanas or atabas that you can hear in the mountains, singing life’s pain and happiness.” Music for troubled people who still know how to party? Works for us."

"It's all beards and blues"

"The band blends the best of rock, Americana and delta Blues to deliver explosive and original tunes."