The Wall Clocks / Press

"The Wall Clocks are like taking the "Way-back Machine" to the future sound of Detroit......If you haven't seen them live.....wake up and see what live music is all about..."

Greg Gynp - Morning DJ 93.9 The River Radio - "Real Rock Variety"

"From the first track to the last, Jonathan and the Wall Clocks grasp of writing and production are overtly obvious in their current release 'Odds and Beginnings'".

““The Wall Clocks bring the Rock and Roll back into Detroit Rock City! This band is going places – they have the style, charisma and most importantly – the sound that will take them all the way to the top!””

Clare Baker - Promotions Director 93.9 The River Radio

"The Wall Clocks have been able to capture the familiarity of timeless melodies while blazing new musical trails."

"The Wall Clocks have a rock-and-roll sound that has been carefully crafted into a voice that is completely its own."

"The Wall Clocks seem to be a band acutely aware of the value of gripping harmonies and melodies."