The Waldemere Revival / Press

“What began as a manifestation of two brothers’ love for music has in just three short years snowballed into a five-piece roots/rock band playing relentless live performances while building a rapidly growing fan base. Waldemere Revival is catching the attention of magazine editors and festival organizers alike, without having released a full length album…”

“I went to the pit area just as Waldemere were starting. Right away I was hit with an awesome sound that I'd never heard before. This band utilizes a distorted harmonica to create a sound that is like a creepy cosmic wind. The man behind the harmonica, Corey Flick, definitely stood out to me as the spectrum of the music that I enjoyed the most. I would get lost in his amorphous howling and feel my face start to drift away.........”

“Local band Waldemere Revival exhibits a fusion of sounds! ”

Aliya Khan A&E Editor - Indiana Statesman

“Waldemere Revival is PHENOMENAL. Every time I see them perform a show it's always better and different then the last. To me, that shows their true talent.”

Joey Buttram - Hidden Relic Productions