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“The Almighty Fallen Wednesday, Mar 16 at 1:03 PM Totally blown away with 'In The Circle' this is how to capture raw emotion, awesome vocal, great concept! The V.U's just get better & better!! Peace, love & respect from Ireland, T.A.F”

The Al The Almighty Fallen - world peace press

“Fantastic musicianship.vocals and songs here.Wishing you world success.”

Fabulous Del Counts - New World Peace Press

“Wow! Wonderful Music! Amazing Talent! May all your dreams come true!”

Mandee and the ABC girls :) - New World Peace Press

“Deep felt compassionate vocals and Music on your site. Big sound scape. Special Music Universe. Your Music is very fascinating. Peaceful, touching and beautiful. "Just another lover" is Fantastic. Great Music. All the best.”

Jan Schnell (Reflective Music) - New World Peace Press

“Awesome to have Your Fanship You Have A Great Sound XO ~ ATHENA ~”

Sumwunder publishing

“Dear Randall, Thank you so much my dear wonderful friend. Every time when I listen to your music, it became more beautiful. Sending peace & love always* Ryo,”

Ryo Utasato - New World Peace Press Group...

“Rocky Rogers Project (Artist) Beautiful music...A pleasure to listen to...Red Carpet material and performance...Great job!.....RR”

Rocky Rogers - Here now gang

“Thanks for taking the time to hear these works...and time to write..all the best for your heart...”

Zikaro - New World Peace Press

“Gorgeous warm tones and natural harmonics in the voice and the music is so well recorded to melt into the sound...awesome!!”

Jo.... of The Almighty Fallen - Song Time

“This man must be heard! Unbelievable sensitivity to the human condition! ”

- Slick Mix, - Song Time

“Always have said... I am only as good as the people in the room... may peace be with, and all around you always...”

Slick Mix - New World Peace Press Group...

“You have a very nice voice for this style of music. The world can ALWAYS use more love songs.... ”

Christine McHoes - Sumwunder publishing

“ Very deep tunes, wonderful touch, smart skill, cool music and great works! You are such an example for others... Nov 11”

Dani Mkd In Goodwill - New World Peace Press

“Fantastic! It's like Bacharach and Nilsson just showed up to smoke and hurl back whiskeys in my earlobes! Gorgeous vocal skills and really love that dreamy 60's shimmer that is "little does she know"..beautifully stylish and massive skills on the arrangement. ”

Mike White Presents - Daily Ragtime

“Finest Tone in the 21st century”

Zikaro - sumwunder publishing

"One of kind"

Slick Mix - New World Peace Press Group...