The Vonneguts / Press

"The last band scheduled anywhere that night was Vonneguts at Whiskey in the Jar. It was so crammed in there during their great performance, that I had no chance of getting a photo. People who asked where the bathroom was were openly laughed at, because there was no way they were going to reach it."

"The Vonneguts play the kinds of songs one can dance raucously to for hours at a house party and then play later as he falls into an old corduroy lazy boy and exhales his last cigarette of the night. This record reveals the most important aspect of Vonnegut-ism, which I feel their namesake himself exudes consistently: purposeful chaos. And that purposeful chaos is what makes The Vonnegut’s something else entirely."

“There are actually a whole bunch of bands currently trying to get away from the heavily trodden bar circuit — instead moving toward house parties, art galleries and other oddball venues. These guys are blowing the “gig” concept out of the water.”

“The Vonneguts, with Miles Hubbell on lead vocals, Phill Dage on guitar, Joe Myers on bass and backing vocal, Mike O’Brien on guitar and bass and Jake Kmiecik on drums, have been playing together since high school. They have played at venues such as The Painted Lady and The Lager House, but they prefer the intimacy of a house party and the energy it creates.”