The Voice of Reason / Press

“FIESTA! SANTA BARBARA! What a great 4 days of music and fun. The bands that drove up came to play. The Saturday lineup was awesome. Savannah Lynne opened the show, Glass Voodoo was impressive, Hey Suburbia, Gravity Hill never sounded better, the Voice of Reason OMG Brandi Lentini, what a voice, Siren, Galvanized Souls, the Paralyzers ripped, Bad Jack brought it, Skick took it to another level, and Cherri Bomb set the table for the closers, False Puppet. You had to be there!!”

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“Yes, these celebrators of citrus have get up and go! Just look at these lemon lovers getting jiggy with the bungee-ride attraction. Elastic fantastic or what! Especially with the popular, cover band: Voice of Reason onstage providing rockin’, background jams, but since neither bungee or band appears to be topped with meringue, and the line to bounce is awfully long, we cut our losses & continue the quest for albumin. ”