The Vivisectors / Press

“Paranoia, despair, sudden joyous snapshots, are conveyed by the repetitive and catchy melodies and hooks that the Vivisections generate and are destined to stick in ones memory. Today, they keep researching the dark side of rock'n'roll and the haunting guitars are sure to captivate”

“The Vivisectors, from Moscow, chose a real Monster Hit for Beyond the Sea — Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall Part 2. It is a dark, very dark, interpretation of the track, played in the typical manner of The Vivisectors. Distorted echoing guitars, a stoic (electro) drum beat and a groove colder than iced wodka will make you shiver and fear. Cool ... aah, I mean cooled.”

“The band loves their dark, menacing chromatic riffs, doing them surf-style along with a couple of rockabillyish numbers, two bouncy go-go tunes and a song that sounded like either Blue Oyster Cult covering Link Wray, or Link Wray attempting a boogie.”

“Heard without context, Michael Antipov's music doesn't sound at all offensive. As the leader of Russian act the Vivisectors, he orchestrates full-band instrumentals that fuse the light-hearted fuzz of surf rock with winsome folk. ”