The Virgin Wolves / Press

“The Virgin Wolves lead the pack.”

“Everything about their album is flawless, dirty, raw, rock-n-roll.”

“The Virgin Wolves is a rock-and-roll band in the truest sense.”

“If you close your eyes and listen to Pretty Evil Thing, the last thing you hear is joy. You hear pissed off. You hear snarl and, at times, moments of spitfire and raw aggression. ”

“Watch their new music video for Pretty Evil Thing's single, "Black Sheep." It doesn't disappoint.”

“There was an effortless, casual violence to the thing, like someone destroying a piano with a sledgehammer – not out of anger but just because it amuses them.”

“This is weapons-grade rock and roll. It’s not for the faint of heart; it’s not pop, or trendy, it’s music played hard and fast by people who perform hard and fast.”

"This is weapons-grade rock and roll."

“Really, most bands could take some pointers from The Virgin Wolves”

Jordan Buford - The Music Enthusiast

“The Virgin Wolves are one of the best bands in the D-FW area, and if you are in need of a high energy performance, then they are a must see.”

Jordan Buford - The Music Enthusiast

“This band is not coming to your venue for Sunday morning gospel. Oh no.They are coming in to crank up the amps to 10 and turn your stage into a rock 'n roll bouncy house. ”

“If you haven't seen The Virgin Wolves play live, visit their website and check them out at a local venue. The are one of the best local bands in the area and amazing to watch. ”

“Gritty rockers The Virgin Wolves spared no small talk with their in-your-face rock for the headlining spot on Friday. Lead singer and true rock star Jaimeson Robbins stole the show with her raging vocals and frenetic movements. The Denton group undeniably personified the sinister blues sounds of one of Jack White’s side projects, The Dead Weather. The young band had a calm and confident onstage swagger: They're rock n’ roll through-and-through.”

“The young band had a calm and confident onstage swagger: They're rock n’ roll through-and-through.”

“They know how to get down and dirty, tell a shipwrecked story, break some shit and get out before anybody realizes the walls just burnt down to the ground.”

"i will be sexually satisfied for probably about a year...just because the music is that good."

“And though the music is new, these players certainly aren't new to music....The Virgin Wolves are honing their sound with live performances all over North Texas...”

“...then go listen to The Virgin Wolves….and if that doesn’t work then you have no soul”

“He plays the type of guitar that seeps into your very consciousness without you even realizing it. ...The Virgin Wolves will leave their stain on Rock N Roll as innovators of the genre.”

“This particular track shares a certain sonic common ground with bands like The Strokes and Jet, but adds an aggressive, driving beat not found in the previous bands.”

“The opening riff is quite killer, and this song is vying for the title of "Best Hard Rock Anthem of the Year". I challenge anyone to put out a more rocking song in the remaining months of 2010.”

“...you get the bluesy, yet much heavier full on RAWK of Virgin Wolves... Denton people, this is where you need to be.”