(the) vinyl stone / Press

"Smooth vocals, with a brilliant range laid over a simplistic vintage style track."


“Jazzy, invigorating sounds resonate through airways and instantaneously launches our soul to another dimension. The soulful classy, rhythmic swoops, we are bounced from happiness into fanatical. The beat drop from the second the song start does that to me, and I believe other listeners will feel the same way. This is so energetic and engaging and melody is trance-like. This reminded of a song we would have heard in the 1970s, but with an epic, elegant modern twist on it. This would be on my iPod and when it comes on in the car, immediately we would all start jammin out. It would be awesome. The vocals are truly what makes the song. Before they drop, you wouldn't expect a female voice to come on. This was on point. To be honest, I don't recall much of the lyrics because I was jammin' out to this song!”


"....it's a great sound. Joining us in the studio tonight is (the) Vinyl Stone"

Rick Chambers - KTLA 5