The Vinyl Plane / Press

“The Vinyl Plane is everything that is right with rock-n-roll.”

“The Vinyl Plane held their “Never Pay the Devil” CD release party as direct support to The Foundry. Check their links below to listen to their music and give your support to all the local hardworking musicians who bust their chops night after night for the love of music.”

“The Vinyl Plane rounded out the openers with a heavy mix of boogie, Southern Rock, and effects laden, fuzzy guitar jamming. Frequently incorporating the harmonica, the band took the listener back to the ’70s and such acts as ZZ Top, Humble Pie, and Foghat.”

“The show kicks off with The Vinyl Plane, consisting of a bluesy jam rock sound that you can dance to. You will get lost in the melodic sounds. The band started with a brand new tune that kicked the night into gear called “Take This Pill”. The music was flowing. The incense was burning in an apple waiting to be bitten into. At every show guitarist Sean lights an incense candle and places it in a piece of fruit; it always seems to add to the show, as it did on this night. Awesome solos, Seubert's range was on, and he can hit Robert Plant style notes. The band has a terrific chemistry. There were people dancing in the crowd. By the end of the set, front man Dave Seubert is off the stage, singing in the crowd. In case you were wondering, he did take a bite out of the apple.”

“People like to complain about the current state of music ... how it's going techno (...since the 80's...), or how shallow it's become (...not that the Archies were any better...) or how it's all alt rockish where nobody can play their instruments (...Little Richard has confessed to only being able to play in one key...). For the nostalgic, what happened to the line of development stemming from 70's classic rock? Where's the real blues players & not just guitarists who play blues scales? Where's the music that follows the influence of the Black Crowes instead of Nirvana or Lynard Skynard instead of Black Sabbath? Is there a band out there that has keyboard breaks that aren't meandering lost in classically influenced prog tunnels? Well, if any of the above is on your to find list then you'll enjoy this little EP.”

“The Vinyl Plane are a bunch of indie rockers from Uniondale, New York with a psychadelic/Southern rock sound. The lads have 2 albums and an EP just out. I’m digging their groove and their Twitter feed is hilarious, especially the alternate definitions for T.V.P. (“Turbulent Vision Premonitions”…good one!). You can check them out on MySpace and catch them live if you’re in Hicksville on April 23rd. Wait, is that really a place? ”

“Fortune is smiling on the Vinyl Plane in 2010. “Alcyon Playground,” one of the three bonus tracks added to this Long Island quintet’s second album, blends soaring harmonic guitars, great singing and tight playing from one of New York’s hottest young bands. The group has already written seven new tracks for their third album, to be released this fall. www.myspace.com/thevinylplane”