the Vindicators Band / Press

“The Vindicators Band was the headlining act for the 2010 Breckenridge Wine Festival. "The Breckenridge Wine Festival which took place on Saturday Sept. 4th was a huge success! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the wine tasting! With over 40 different wines from all over the world there was definitely something new to be tasted and loved. The dancing crowd was loving the amazing music and the food was perfect match with all that wine. Simultaneously happening, the Summit Foundations annual rubber duck race was taking place down the creek! Thousands of yellow ducks making their maiden voyage in the hopes of winning their owner a first place prize was quite a sight! And the kids had a blast with the swarms of yellow rubber duckies floating the river! Music was provided by the Kevin Danzig, Trading Fours, The Vindicators Band, and Dru Carter! See bios of bands!" ”