The Vile Impurity / Press

“The Vile Impurity, a death metal band hailing from Springfield, IL were recently playing a show in St. Louis at The FUBAR and the video I managed to watch won me over. I continued to listen to their music online and I must say, this band needs to be on your rotation. They are heavy and mix it up a lot within their songs. Vocals change, rhythm n tempo changes, blasting away or bringing it all in and crushing skulls, The Vile Impurity is one of those random bands you happen to come across and fully enjoy. Check out the video that I saw that won me over. You can’t help but like the music and enjoy the humor from the band members shirts. Gotta love the “I <3 Weed” shirts! Check em out! \w/ ”

"I think these dudes are either from St. Louis or the Chicago area and played the St. Louis show. I don’t know, though what I do know is that wherever they rest their heads at night, chances are a few hundred alphabetized death metal CDs and homemade wallpaper consisting of all those fold-out posters that used to come with the print version of Metal Maniacs stare back at them as tales of “Vile Impurity” and “Spite Driven Hate” dance around their collective subconscious. This quartet is the sort that straddle the rip-roarin’ old school and the technique-obsessed new-school. In the end, they kind of fall into the same school as bands like Abysmal Dawn, Aeon and Neuraxis."