The Vespertines / Press

“Long Beach’s the Vespertines are that rare act capable of combining jazzy atmospherics with explosive rock power without wandering into wankery. Although their talents are sharp enough to construct complicated swirls of dub, prog rock and funk, their songs remain delectably coherent and digestible to the last note.”

“The knockout group of the night was the fourth act The Vespertines; Vanessa Acosta, Kyle Cavaness, Alex Kater and Chris Walker commanded the stage with ease and charisma with their blending of rock sounds and vibes.”

“The group seems to float effortlessly from jazz to rock to reggae to dub....It’s hard to imagine how a group could feel raw and sound refined at the same time, but the Vespertines manage that duality.”

“If there's one thing the Vespertines proved last night at Que Sera, it's that their dynamic whirlwind of prog, dub and jazz deserves a much bigger audience.”