The Vespers / Press

"The miracle of The Vespers is their ability to meld youthful energy with a spiritual background that can be traced to gospel tunes of The Carter Family. In fact, they have as much in common with that famous family as they do with the Louvin Brothers, as well as contemporaries like the Avett Brothers and Mumford & Sons — the Vespers are just that good."

Awaiting The Flood & No Depression

““If you enjoy The Decemberists, The Be Good Tanyas, Iron & Wine, Avett Brothers, Mumford & Sons…your dreams just came true.””

Brite Revolution

"With The Release of Their Superb Second Album The Fourth Wall… THE VESPERS Are On The Verge of Breaking Through...”

Huffington Post

“The Vespers were a hit at Campbell. Students are still talking about the two shows they played here, now almost four months later, and we've already had several requests to have them back again next year!”

Taylor Cashwell, Graduate Assistant - Campbell University

“Having The Vespers play at Trevecca was one of the most memorable moments of the semester. Its rare to find a group that is as talented as they are and that group still be great people who are easy to work with. You can tell that they truly love what they do. The students were completely drawn into their music and their stage presence.”

Jim Waters, SGA - Trevecca University

“Their ghostly harmonies and haunting lyrics are magnificently unforgettable. Their honey-sweet sound is reminiscent of hearing the words “I love you” for the first time. ”

The Thump- Greenwood

“North Carolina has the Avett Brothers, Texas has Cadillac Sky, Boston has Crooked Still & we are lucky here in Nashville to have The Vespers.”

“I was just about knocked off my stool by the vocals of the Cryar sisters. "Born and raised in Nashville." I really couldn't believe it. I was tickled at the irony of a true Nashville band not being a true Nashville band. If you like Nickel Creek, The Wailin Jennys, The Be Good Tanyas, Black Prairie, or The Duhks, you should enjoy the Vespers.”

“The Vespers are fresh and infectious. The sisters ethereal look and sound is grounded by the brothers tight and creative rythym section. I've seen them mesmerize audiences live several times and look forward to having them back. ”

“I think I may be saying this band’s serene name with reverence before long. These guys are great. This quartet, a duo of sibling duos actually, is kicking out songs that are catchy but not predictable, and they’ve got a cool sense of structure. “Pick A Fight” somehow morphed from a droning modal awesome thing into an a cappella gospel clap-along. They finished with their title cut: “Tell Your Mama,” and they’re entering big time tell everyone mode.”

“...they are sure to garner tons of national attention.”

Call It Folk

“...a feeling will creep over you that two angels are singing and whispering their tales right into your ears. The themes of their voices vary widely wherefore they cover a large spectrum of different timbres – and this makes the music rich and colorful.”

Common Folk Meadow