The Velvet Jimis / Press

“Chicago's WXRT Richard Milne's Local Anesthetic featured "Summer Nights", track 4 of The Velvet Jimis' New Album Release "Thirsty Again"”

“On the Veltway - Navigating Berwyn's Music Corridor I'm not a big Facebook guy and generally don't take the time to "like" anything when it comes to FB but I couldn't help but take notice of a page after being being nudged to like  "The Veltway " on my iPhone.¿¿My first first thought "What the heck is the Veltway?" was followed by "how am I supposed to hit that "like" button while getting jostled around on the green line?" When I opened the page I read it was "a resource to the music and food on 12th Street". Ok got it - RooseVELT Road. Then I thought "wow, this could actually be useful!" ”

“The Velvet Jimis are a party jam band capable of navigating the intersection of soul, funk, blues, rock, and a sidecar of hip-hop. On the 12-track The Distance Between Us, they can be slow-burn bluesy, as on “Sweet Angeline,” with seductive, harmonizing vocals, or they can combine scat-singing and funk, as on “When I Get Home.” “Shoot Shoot Bang Bang” is gloves-off garage rock – these guys are up for anything and they generally deliver. (velvetjimis.com) – Jason Scales”

“I'll always want to hear your new stuff. Keep it coming. Richard Milne Local Anesthetic-WXRT”

Richard Milne, WXRT

“********* “Not a rock band but a rock show!” Robert Glick – Booker, Reggies Music Joint ”

Robert Glick-"Reggies Music Joint"

"Over 30 gigs and they always bring the ring." Rob Pierce, Owner/Booker, Friendly Tap

Rob Pierce, Friendly Tap

"We'll have them back in 2012!" (Belmont Sheffield Fest) Gehrig Peterson Music Director, Chicago Special Events Manager

Chicago Special Events

" The VJ's are Sonic Haymakers! " Bill Fitzgerald, Owner/ Booker, Fitzgerald's Nightclub

Bill Fitzgerald

“New from ChicagoRock1: Presenting the Oak Parks own The Velvet Jimi’s playing outdoors on Madison Ave. In Forest Park Il. They are an outstanding soul/rock/funk that can really cook. In this clip we see them do a couple of outstanding covers. First a great version of “A’int No Sunshine” and then a rocking cover of I’m A Man. They are well worth checking out if you see them playing in your area. Here is a link to their web site for downloads, tour info and other good stuff. http://velvetjimis.com/ MindsiMedia has several channels on YouTube and other video sharing outlets. You can access all of them from our web portal at http://www.mindsimedia.info/ You can also link up to our blog, Pandora radio stations and other outposts of ours on the Internet.”


“Fitzgerald's is more of a roadhouse than a pub. I believe you can get food here, but this is a music venue more than anything else. Caught a show here for a Haiti benefit recently. One of the warm up bands was Velvet Jimis. They're kind of a funky band with a modern twist on the whole Sly and the Family Stone vibe, with a rock/funk/soul vibe. I highly recommend checking these guys out. I wish they would come play in the city. The main act was a zydeco guy called Terrance Simien. He evidently won a Grammy and held it up for the crowd to see. That guy played his heart out. Good stuff. If I lived out in the burbs I'd come to this place more often for shows.”

“Velvet Jimis: A Band of Dads- are comprised of seven local musicians who mostly met through their kids. ”