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“Rather than your typical alternative band, The Velvet Ants' combination of a variety of styles from metal to psychedelic rock makes them both current and unique.”

“I hear plenty of early Nirvana with a bit more of a Green Day push right out of the gate with this local twin-guitar quartet. Their second song has me falling out of my chair as it is a strong cover of the Wipers' "Telepathic Love". There are some excellent elements here and this is a band I would check out again.”

“Cool tunes. Sounds like a blend between Nirvana and the vocal harmonies of The Byrds. Good stuff.”

“Dense, Thick, and uber sonic! Plods along like a juggernaut! I love it!”

“Blue Cheer and the Beach Boys meet the Beatles and Crosby, Stills & Nash a half century later. Nice!!!”

“Great to hear a Rock Alternative track with legible lyrics and terrificly smooth and marvelously mellow vocals!”

“Very classy... very cool... This is Rock Alternative that any generation can listen to!”

“Your music is chuck full of artistic flavor and style….Loving it!”

Pat Branch (Songwriter/Bassist) - Reverbnation

“Killer tunes guys!!!”

Bleeding Money - Reverbnation

“Great sound and tracks!!!!”

Pace Ride - Reverbnation

“I recommend your music to everyone, great neverending sensations-great music-great music_GREAT MUSIC”

DJ Antonio - Reverbnation

“Really nice, defined sound, loved your playlist. Have a good day!”

Barrett - Reverbnation


SSSIXXX - Reverbnation

“Cool sound!”

Erisa Rei - Reverbnation

“Shebore has a heady trippiness to it that I like so much; liquid and languid -- gorgeous melody. Frank Smith”

Frank Smith (Sills & Smith) - Reverbnation

“Mesmerizing sound here. Deep, wide Evergreen in all shades. Excellent, guys. More. All the best. kappi”

kloudworks - Reverbnation

“Hey! Enjoying your music! Listening to ' Shebore' Will be back for more xx”

Penny Jayne Black - Reverbnation

“Loving the opening track!! Lovely harmonys. Going to listen to a couple more :)”

Todd C. Stone - Reverbnation

"Haunting, strange, free-form trippyness. Out of sync, but okay that way because it adds to the musical buzz. I love "garage jams" like this. Sounds like you guys had a blast making it." (on 'Let's Go With Alice')

"You guy's are really f-ing good."

"Very nice!" (on 'Over Harbors')

"Cool tune!" (on 'Evergreen')

"This is stunning...love it!!" (on 'Evergreen')

"Best pop / indie"

"Love it" (on a cover of 'Now That I Have Found You' by Juliana Hatfield)

"Great stuff" (on a cover of 'I Just Wasn't Made For These Times' by The Beach Boys)

"You sound a lot like Elliot Smith!"

"Cool sound you have here!"

"Love the sound on your feature vid, Love the group name... softness but hard worker, Love it"

"Love the music! It was so good I HAD to subscribe!!!! "

"Did u guys just copy Velvet Revolver ...ummmmmmmmm thats original"

"You guys rock. I love the music.. like EVERY song."

"You guys sound fucking great."

"I absolutely love the song "Light Up"!! great production. ~johnny"

"Lunatic Frame" - is an entirely self-produced album from The Velvet Ants. It will now be released worldwide thanks to the help of online distributers. "Lunatic Frame" is one of two albums that the group released, the other being "Pixie Junk" which includes tracks from Dream LAX as well.