The Unsatisfied / Press

“The Unsatisfied have been tearing up the South with their wild stage shows for quite some time now... We have done past CD reviews but never an interview.... So it is now time... Punk Globe readers meet The Unsatisfied!!”

“That is the most original Salute To The Troops we've ever had...”

“The group honored Sgt. Michael Watson of the U.S. Army 18th Infantry”

“Punk rock cult legends The Unsatisfied were featured on CNN’s Salute To Troops on Monday”

“One of my favorite bands THE UNSATISFIED have released a new video "Fed Up"”

“After sending a little love -- and some music and stickers -- to U.S. Army Sgt. Michael Watson, of Dalton, Ga., now serving in Iraq, local punk rockers The Unsatisfied got some love back.”

“UNSATISFIED, THE: Songs the Belt Taught Us: CD The latest release from these veteran punk’n’rollers throws down impressive guitar work with thick, meaty chords and classic rock howls. Switching between sing-along punk and the darker corners of rock, these Southern boys bring together elements of Dead Boys and Alice Cooper. While embodying the epitome of rock’n’roll, song topics range from sex, women, and more women. What did you expect?! Sometimes sounding like two completely different bands, The Unsatisfied can satisfy the listener who craves a little southern gothic with their pogo. –Kristen K”

“More than satisfying...”

“... Even the most casual fan cannot deny that these songs have merit normally reserved for arena-rock bands on major labels...”

“These guys RAWK HARD!”

Ginger Coyote - Punk Globe -L.A./S.F.

“a band that plays high energy music and speaks with a committed, honest voice about Southern Angst”

D. Finklestein - Film Threat Magazine

"...get a taste of what the band is capable of, and it makes your hair stand on end. There's an urgency to it, and a surrender" FOUR STARS

“...it’s skinny, bleeding, kinda raw, sorta punk, a little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll, and a whole lot poor. ...there’s plenty of that here, which is often the case when your heroes are Iggy and Lux and you sound like a bastardized mix of The Supersuckers and The Stooges.”