The Unprotected / Press

“A bunch of lunatics by the name of The Unprotected, who should really come with a government health warning. Right from the off, frontman St Dave is prancing around the stage like Freddie Mercury portraying Frank N Furter, camping it up to high heaven in knee-high boots, skimpy boxer shorts and leopard-print hoody, climbing speaker systems and dancing on the bar. His flamboyant antics, however, at times are in severe danger of taking away from what is actually a damn fine rock ‘n’f’n’ roll band, with element so f early Guns ‘N Roses, The Cult, Misfits and LA Guns in their prime and lead guitarist The Ride pulling off some pretty tasty licks and solos.”

“Up and coming in-your-face shock rockers The Unprotected. Whose singer is a man who pretty much ensures you know he is there. His demeanour, attire (pretty much performing in his underpants this time around) and performance all raise the game of a band that whilst embracing the sex, drugs and rock’n’roll gimmick can write some damn good songs too.”

“Gloriously theatrical. It's great fun, if a little terrifying for those close to the stage. Duke Special makes an unexpected cameo, throwing himself around during a raucous take on '20th Century Boy'. Surreal.”

“Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with being beautiful and different.”