The Union City All Stars / Press

“'I thought they were my favorite band of all time, until I saw the singer cut his hand and it started spraying out this green kind of stuff' -”

Clayton Smits - Clayton Smits

“'The tunes easily slip and slide through the speakers' -, Heidi Drockelman”

Heidi Drockelman - Indie-Music.com

“'Kentucky is the home of Bill Monroe, bluegrass music and the Union City All Stars..' - ”

Tone Man, - Alt Country Central

“'I love the All-Stars... great harmonies too' - (check out the Bill Malonie and VOL at www.billandvol.com) ”

Bill Mallonee, Vigilantes of Love - Bill Mallonee, Vigilantes of Love

“'The songs speak to you, speak to you in the way good country music should' - ”

Paul Fletcher - On the Edge Magazine

“'I like the shit out of the Union City All-Stars' ”

- Robbie Fulks - - Robbie Fulks

“'There's a real down-home feel... like when you stumble into a run-downbar to find the best band you've ever heard' - ”


“The sound is excitable and hits right at the nerve of what it means to be alive. Some strong comparison's would be to Weezer, or some of Jack White's two step stuff. Like all good country the songs are about something, and it feels like they are telling a stories through their songs. Rhythmically The Union City All Stars automatically gets to the connection to what all good music does, whcih is to move something inside. The band found a big compliment when WEEZER selected 'Country Song' to be on a 15 band compilation disc called Fresh Cuts.”

“This time we’ve teamed up with legendary alt rock band, Weezer, who chose which songs made it on to the CD and appear on the CD via their previously unreleased tune, “Everybody Go Away.” ”

“If you like elements of country and blues-rock, this is a good starting point for the Midwest sound. The tunes easily slip and slide through the speakers and have a wider appeal than simply country audiences. This is definitely a band that you want to happen upon in a small-town bar or roadhouse. ”