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“With crashing drums and soaring guitar, The Undivided are sure to burst straight out of the South Wales Valleys and right into the sphere of public consciousness following the release of their debut LP This New Day last month.”

“Wingman guitarist Bray does a fine line in stadium trashing intros, and numbers like ‘Open Your Eyes’ and ‘Panic’ are immediately mesmerising. Singer Joe comes alive on these numbers too, as if he knows Bray’s scorching intros, a collision of U2, early Simple Minds, and SLF, are something to follow and indeed match.”

“Big Cheese - Album Review Its not easy to make your mark in todays UK rock scene with so many new bands, but The Undivided have a really good chance if this is anything to by. Lead single Wasted Time and closer 'Together/Alone' are the highlights here and show the future is looking bright. This seven track mini-album has some missteps (the title track ballad comes to mind) and its obvious that they're a band who are still developing and finding their sound but if they concentrate in the melodic anthems then who knows where they could go from here 3/5”

Big Cheese - Big Cheese

“Rocksound Review - October 2012 The early Noughties were a particularly healthy time for British music with bands like Hell Is For Heroes, Reuben and Million Dead flying the flag for gimmick-free, straight-up rock. But with the uncertain future of last-band-standing Hundred Reasons the final remnants of a great era maybe finally leaving for good. Step then, The Undivided, delivering this seven track onslaught of post-hardcore goodness overflowing with memories of all those great bands which never reached those destined heights. But with a debut as strong as ‘Safety’ The Undivided might just be the band to bring the secret to the masses. 8/10”

Rocksound - Rocksound

“Kerrang! Introducing Article What do the Dwr Cymru water Board put In their supplies? Heres another band from the valleys with a knack for writing anthemic songs as big as the mountains that overshadow their hometown of Abergavenny. The quartet have already shared stage space with The Xcerts, Tiger Please and Straight Lines and toured with Ash – and are now currently plotting a tour to rock as many faces as possible in the next 12 months.”

Kerrang - Kerrang