The Underlings / Press

“(regarding the Underlings' CD EDGY:)It’s 10 tracks of scathing songwriting and thundering instrumentation that will appeal to anybody who’s in the mood to stomp their feet and throw a punch.”

“I am not sure what else comes from Eugene, Oregon but they have a solid indie rock band in their local bars called The Underlings.”

“these guys are no music virgins trying to make it big with some pop record. This is solid rock and roll with a lot of influences and a wide variety of tunes.”

“What I don't get is - what exactly are they so angry about?”

Ty Connor - the Horsehead

“The Underlings’ raw guitar-bass-drums pop is the exact opposite of the current musical trend of mellow indie rock. Their catchy tunes will leave your ears ringing.”

“an infectious mixture of ragged rhythms, guitar riffage and punk brevity (with a) straight-ahead garage rawk vibe”