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“The Underhills mix John Mellencamp's sincerity with a bit of modern Goo Goo Dolls' sensibility. Add in a little of Ed Kowlczyk's vocals and their “The Road From Here…” makes Adult Alternative Contemporary sound like a compliment, rather than an insult. These boys are earnest, and that's the first thing you hear in David Rossi's impassioned vocals. Paul Toland's succulent lead guitar work, especially the clean tone noodling on “Dreams American” and the riffage of “1000 Years,” is precise to the point of drawing blood. This is rock aimed right at the heart of the '90s alt-rock crowd that loved R.E.M., Live, and Toad The Wet Sprocket. If you like those bands, you'll definitely like The Underhills. It's serious-sounding rock that's easy to sing along to, and they throw in a little acoustic sensitivity every once in awhile to keep the girls into it. If you liked pop music when real people played real instruments, then get this disc.”

Mike Huberty - Maximum Ink Magazine

“Making jaunty, jangly Pop Rock laced with tranquil melodies and precise harmonies, Philadelphia's "The Underhills" are a brotherly act, featuring a pair of twins on vocals and guitars. Born on a dairy farm, the two moved around the country looking for their niche in the music biz. They both ended up going on spiritual quests, dabbling in freedom fighting, and NRA spokesperson-ing. OK...so all that's a big fat lie, but that's what it says on their myspace page. Very funny guys. I guess next you're going to tell me you're not 101 years old?? If you dig the Everly Brothers raised on Toad the Wet Sprocket, you'll definitely dig this...”

City Beat Magazine

“Wow...this CD blew me away.”

PA Musician Magazine

“...an outstanding display of modern rock with powerful beats and harmonizing vocals and A GREAT band to see live!!”

Origivation Magazine

“...The band has an ability to capture a pop sound in one song, then country in the next, then a heavier guitar driven sound the next. The dual vocals of Rossi and Toland compliment each other extremely well. The vocals are backed by two of Philadelphia’s most well-regarded musicians: drummer, Harry Doyle and bassist, Mitch Cojocariu. Their album puts a somewhat modern twist on a classic-rock sound that makes it fun to listen to. Keep an eye out for what The Underhills do next.”

Stella Accardo - Campus Philly

“As a producer/writer with over 10 million records sold, and the producer who discovered Prince I know great talent when I hear it ... The Underhills are an "over the top" talent with a bright future ahead ... I suggest you get their autographs now!”

Chris Moon - Moonsound Records

“Dave Rossi is just getting over a bit of cabin fever. He's back in front of local audiences like MilkBoy Coffee in Ardmore and Steel City Coffeehouse in Phoenixville after a long time in the studio. "It took us a year to get the new album recorded and mixed," he said. "We missed performing". He and co-rockers Paul Toland on vocals and lead guitar, Harry Doyle on drums, and Mitch Cojocariu on bass make up the rock/pop music group "The Underhills". Since returning to a full performance schedule, they've been playing at festivals, like the 2007 Millennium Music Conference in February and getting cuts from their new album "The Road From Here" on the radio. Their good fortune has arisen from their versatility in playing different musical styles in different environments, form the Main Line to New York City. They also credit a resurging and vibrant local music community…”

Pete Kennedy - Trend Magazine

“...The Underhills, upbeat modern rock reminiscent of Live, is an absolute pleasure.”

The City Paper

"...a pop-rock quartet from the Philadelphia area who are on the verge of breaking out."

Phoenixville News