The Unclouded Day / Press

“The Unclouded Day, a music ministry out of Trinity United Methodist Church in Prince Frederick, announced the release of “Songs of Our Folks,” their second CD, due out in early December. Tom Latchaw, vocalist and banjo player for the group, said song selections on the new CD were chosen to honor friends and family of the band members. Some songs were favorites of individuals who have died, others reminded band members of a loved one. “There’s a lot of great old songs,” said mandolin player Erik Johnson. The band mainly covered old standards, Johnson said. Finding the original lyrics was a challenge because so many artists have performed the songs, he said, but they succeeded. Making the music mesh with the folk and bluegrass feel of the band was another matter entirely, Latchaw said. In some cases, pieces were written for pianos or more traditional hymn arrangements, and he was charged with simplifying the pieces so the band could play them. ”

“The line up for the event included The Unclouded Day playing bluegrass.”

“Unclouded Day preformed Christian bluegrass for the last few hours of the night to support the dinner and entertain guests.”

“An avid music fan, Davis plays banjo for the gospel bluegrass group "The Unclouded Day" and has also mastered the guitar, dulcimer, trombone, accordion, keyboard and juice harp.”