The HillBilly Clinton Clan A.K.A. Un-American House / Press

“One Day We Will All Forget (The Names Of Every Country.....a very poignant song. "Imagine" for the 21st century.”

Steve Inglis - Reverbnation

“Amazing. Reminds me of Velvet underground and Butthole surfers. Thought provoking and giftedly irreverent.”

Arturo - Reverbnation

“Brilliant, creative and unique. Wonderful vocals, lyrics and instrumentation. xo”

Bronwyn Gray - RN

“Came by to listen to your awesome music! Your vocals are so exceptional! Such a distinct sound, just loving my listen today!”

Michelle Kasajian - RN

“Unique amazing entertaining again and again”

Christopher Headmesser - RN

“You guys know what's up. Powerful lyrics to those who hear what they're about. Respect.”

Chemical Gunns - RN

“Itsy Bitsy just blows me away! A rich sonic exploration that defies musical classification. Frank Smith”

Sills & Smith - RN

“'Turntable' is great. I like the interplay between the vocals. I like the concept and lyrics. Finally, the guitar playing is great. You never cease to keep coming with stellar tracks.”

tweed villa - RN

“Back for Frequent Visits! A marvelous track on headphones! Frank Smith”

Sills & Smith - RN

“Awesome vocals SteVan " really cool music .. hope you have a rockin good weekend !!!”

Kevin Looney - RN