The Ugly Cousin Brothers / Press

“...they’re as Americana as AstroTurf and the Angels, Albuquerque and roaming antelope. You’ll find them somewhere along the possible intersections of Merle Haggard, Leo Kottke, Lou Reed, and Bruce Springsteen. The Cousin Bros. lay it on the table: the good, the bad, and—wait for it—the ugly. Life may be tough, but sometimes you can a smile through your tears. And sometimes, when you finally work up the nerve to ask her to dance, she just might say yes.”

“Ever wanted to listen to some Americana/folk and not be judged as a bearded, 30-something hipster? May I suggest The Ugly Cousin Bros? On their debut album Sideshow Life this Woodinville, Washington duo exhibits solid acoustic guitar skills, adequate, cartoon-like vocals and, best of all, some heartfelt, sometimes humorous stories about finding and losing love...”

“The Ugly Cousin Brothers' new album has the folk sound and sophisticated lyrical sensibility of Bob Dylan at his best. Upbeat, humorous, sometimes ironic, every song is a gem.”