“The Types, for the most part, played a rockin' set.”

“The Types music is unique in that Kevin’s guitar parts tend to match his vocals. Not just in the same key, but for the most part he plays his guitar parts exactly like he’s singing, which is odd because his guitar style comes off as sounding heavy and heavily distorted. It’s also odd because guitar played like that in the music should leave the songs sounding empty....like there is something missing. Enter the bassist. She impressed me the first time i saw her and this time is no different. That girl drives the low end with a passion. Her bass parts, for the most part, are anything but simple. Being that the guitar leaves open spaces throughout the songs she has to take on more of a rhythm role and really puts that bass to work.”

“As a group these three feed off of each other and there is a certain connection there for sure. The main thing is…they have fun. Bands that have fun playing their songs play more for themselves and usually stay together longer and write better and better songs.”

Tom Walsh - Interstate Live Music