the truhearts / Press

“ From the first track Ain't it For Me; I was captured by the simplistic stripped down production allowing Lena to take the lead and have the courage to let her vocals build the foundation for "Tea By Moonlight"   The guitar playing also compliments Lena's vocals without attempting to intrude in what is already a great partnership. Adam offers great accompaniment and harmony, feeling unforced and confident in allowing the true prize of this CD to shine through… the vocals and writing of these great songs.   I also was hooked with "This Love (When Johnny Met June) I had the opportunity to meet both Johnny and June and they would be proud to have sat in their parlor and listened to this tribute.   ”

Rick Heysquierdo- Host/Producer - The Lone Star Jukebox 90.1 FM

“…with Adam's clever songwriting and Lena's very tight vocals, these two are bound for a bright future in today's musical arena.  They lit the phone lines up!”

Tom Tranchilla - Co-Host - HAAM (Houston Association of Acoustic Musicians) Radio Show

“Sometimes I get to talk to you about things to come. This is one of those times… no fancy polish or tricky effects… the truhearts- stand solely on their talent and they stand well… adept songwriting and great delivery. Lena’s voice is superb. Fantastic release. Pick up your copy of this exciting Texas duo.”

Lucky Boyd - Founder of MyTexasMusic.com

“The Truhearts- "Tea By Moonlight"...see them live, pick up the CD or purchase online at CD Baby and iTunes.  Adam Berry's guitar playing may appear to be simple, but he holds down the bottom line  to the sweet vocal talents of Lena Asinovsky on their debut release.  Adam provides harmony vocals as well and writes all the tunes.  "Somewhere" carries an easy guitar strum and lets Lena take center stage.  Her controlled voice leaves room for her to explore upper ranges and offers, at times, the sultry sound of the seasoned pro.  "Is It For Real" is the gem on this album along with "This Love (When Johnny Met June)".    Most of all, check out this duo at a Houston/Austin club soon, before the price goes up!  ”

Stevo Schlemmer - KEOS 89.1 FM- Operations Director