The Trims / Press

“In the Bay Area, there is a lot of great new music coming out each week. Bands break up, new ones begin and the buzz ensues…That brings us to The Trims, a local San Jose outfit that has the loyal fanbase and buzz to take them beyond their locality and into a national “spotlight”. That’s why we chose them for this feature, so you can get yourself better acquainted with the artists that are happening in the South Bay Area. The Trims have a strong sound reminiscent of early Strokes and the brit pop of the 90′s, while also conjuring the swagger of artists like Joy Division. Blend that style with over-sexed lyrics about all things scandalous, and you have the identity that defines The Trims.”

“AFTER FORMING in 2009, San Jose alt-rockers the Trims got their first big break this summer, earning the opening spot on the local stage at Live 105's BFD festival. And "earning" is the operative word—to get on the bill, they had to win the radio station's Local Band Contest. That meant they were one of 20 Bay Area bands Live 105 selected from more than 200 demo submissions—and in fact, they were the last band to be picked. Out of those 20, they were one of five bands chosen by listeners for the final cut. Then it came down to a Battle of the Bands show, at which they were the last of the five bands to play.”

“The Trims suddenly showed up on everyone's radar after winning the highly coveted opening slot at the Live 105 BFD local band stage recently. When it came down to it, the judges made their decision because the Trims were such a well-rounded, talented group. They play indie rock and post-punk with a unique, polished edge - moody vocals, a wall of lush, reverb-filled guitars, and highly danceable drums. They tow the line between listener-friendly pop music and mixing unconventional elements in a familiar way. -Aaron Carnes”

“One thing Trims founders Gabriel Maciel and Eric Scharer could agree on was a love for atmospheric, dynamic, pop-oriented music that made liberal use of interesting instrumentation. Bands like Joy Division, Interpol, U2 and Radiohead came to mind. They set out applying these influences to create a music that was intricate and unconventional while still maintaining a listener-friendly simplicity. The dueling guitar work is haunting. The vocals are organic and honest. The drumming is soft but precise. What they've ended up creating isn't exactly pop music, but it's not particularly unfamiliar either. It's a nice blend of moody guitar-centric songs that have a soft edge while maintaining a subtle emotional undercurrent. - Aaron Cartier sanjose.com”