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“Rockville's Treading Lemmings serve up highly danceable, Brit-tinged pop...chock full of highly boogie-able tunes and tasty guitar licks. The five some sticks with a guitar-driven alternapop sound, a little like The Stone Roses with a few more rough edges.”

“...laid-back Brit-Pop with a hint of American grunge.”

"The Treading Lemmings have a distinct sound, reminiscent of The Smiths or The Stone Roses and dubbed “American Brit-Pop.” Catchy, melodic, and tasteful, bring your dancing shoes when you come to see these guys because they really throw down."

“Cliff notes to me, is reminiscent of bands like “The Ruts” “Squeeze” “the Boomtown rats” and “The Stranglers”. Lots of energy, good music to listen to when you’re getting ready to go out on a Friday night.”

“A really fine CD...Nice work from the Treading Lemmings.”

“They are that commanding and forceful that I feel like I’m on the Titanic ship getting ready for the inevitable swim as women and children are swept onto the small boats.”

“I've really gotten into the album... reminds me of what I love about rock n roll. Will def be featuring the band in many episodes to come.”

“I just received your CD and I must say WOW! When I did a short feature on iTunes of your 'All She Wrote' a while back I had no idea the rest of the CD would be better. I'm glad I discovered this band and will continue to promote them.”

Craig Luecke - Rockland USA

“Quinn has a very cool & distinctive voice. The lyrics range from beautiful (All She Wrote) to fun & silly (Talula Does the Hula), and the melodic & jangly guitars complement each other perfectly (and what’s not to like about a band that has a Strat & Ric combo!). They put on a fun & energetic live show. Check ‘em out.”

"Awesome.. super super catchy tunes...very well produced and recorded."

"A Roar From Boring Alice" really jumps out to me right away as does the moodiness/melancholy of “Trial of the Century” and “How Green Was My Envy?” Regarding the latter, any song with a well placed e-Bow guitar sound is hard not to like!

“Regarding "All She Wrote" "The vocals had a nice ring to them. The verses were wistful and the chorus was desperate. The short melismatic lines like, "shadows of doubt" were a treat, not overdone and conveyed a slight sense of vulnerability." ”

IndieSelect - Rockland USA

"All She Wrote" was voted Track of the Week on Garageband.com!

“...About the song, All She Wrote. "I am in awe quite honestly. You are great writers and performers and certainly this song is helped by excellent production. ”

A listener on Garageband.com

“Featured - The Best Of Outer sound 2009 Podcast.”

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