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“May 2014 Be a Blessed year for you all, Much love to you and yours- Sisco”

Greetings world

“Whats up world, its been a crazy year hasn't it???? Well, where ever it is you may call home I wanted to wish a warm and prosperous new year filled with Love and happiness to you and yours.”

Happy new year america

“Check out the Facebook link for my video saluting the victims of the recent shootings. No matter what walk of life you are from we need to raise some sort of awareness and this time lets not let it die down in congress... God bless.”

“For whom stop by or have stopped if even in passing, may God almighty bless you and yours this Thanksgiving Holiday, Thank you to all our Men and Women in Harms way and their Families-God Bless... Remember-Like,add,share,embed,play,follow, Coll-abs welcomed....”


“If you like,add,follow share and play, please in box me as i will do the same for you. tons of new things going on here in my world,take a browse around and thanks for visiting.”

Salutations Music roomies...

“Whats up World??? Man its been a crazy summer hasn't it??? I wanted to take a minute and thank any and all of you for making this experience on Reverbnation Stellar....and to let our men and women in the armed forces as well as those coalition forces that you are in my prayers.... we remain locked at #9- Like,add, follow,share, jot me an email of your links and i will return the favor.....”

Greetings....from planet SiScO

“New songs posted on Pure volume-Check out enchanted,Trance-Sylvania and Voo-Doo Child-Have an awesome night folks.... Sisco”


“Greetings world-Just a heads up that we have begun a new page on Pure Volume-Just released are "Voo-Doo Child and Reservations for to", also for you talented singers out there I have been looking to collab if you feel you can write to one of my many tracks let me know what you have in mind and i will get the track out to you. Much love to you and yours... Sisco”