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“The Trashcan Bandits' name speaks of their light-hearted approach to life though the title of their first release, The Righteous and the Wicked. The bards in this Fayetteville-based band are Dane "Gumbo" Gamble on guitar; Patti "steel" Richardson on clarinet, mandolin, and spoons; Ed Cheek on bass and trumpet; and Nicholas Clark on drums, banjo, and glock. They all sing. Matt Beach adds trombone on "Make Me Wholly". Vocals on most of the album growl alongin a Tom Waits sort of sing speak ("Queen of Hearts', "Woke up this Morning") and a gypsy jazz beat ("Devil's Gold", "Hold On"), moving beween heavy waltz and straight time ("Brown Bear House"). The vocals bring thoughts of pirates ("All for me Grogg"), roaming ("On my Parents Back Porch, Make me Wholly") and wooden, dusky drinking halls ("What do you do with a Drunken Sailor?"). The rousing Flogging Molly-type anthem ("We Sing") possesses a touch of foot-stomping, beer-spilling Irish drinking music. Grab your copy from the Bandits..”

"Since The Trashcan Bandits put out there first EP with four tracks last year, fans have been begging for more. They can’t seem to get enough of the foot-stompin’ pirate, Irish folk, bluegrass, punk-rock sound that the group is now defining as the genre swamp grass...."

“The raucous sounds of the Trashcan Bandits, a Fayetteville-based four-piece, transport the listener to a frigate at sea led by pirate-approved vocal stylings from Dane "Gumbo" Gamble. Their darkly upbeat sailor songs have an old-time feel thanks to three-part harmonies as well as prominent clarinet, mandolin, muted trumpet and banjo. The band officially releases their new album The Righteous and the Wicked this Sunday, Sept. 29, at George's Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, but you can stream it here, this week only, as part of our Audio Advance series.”

"One of the most unique bands in the whole state -- dripping with musical talent in both the performing and songwriting arenas -- is Trashcan Bandits, based in Fayetteville. Their music will appeal to fans of Flogging Molly, Mumford & Sons, Stray Cats and Tom Waits, to name a few." click on web link for more...

"The Trashcan Bandits have become a Fayetteville staple with their original sound, endless charitable appearances and now a new EP. With all their talent and charisma, we'll let them do the talking in the May 9 Free Weekly. "

“The Trashcan Bandits have been making a lot of noise around Fayetteville with their foot-stomping, Irish-themed musical entertainment. They mix fiddle-playing Celtic, punk, bluegrass (inescapably) and a ton of energy that makes crowds go wild for this Fayetteville-based band. Dance a jig, take on an Irish accent and live it up with The Trashcan Bandits on the day of Irish Days at George's Majestic Lounge at 9pm. FREE!”

“Fayettevillians will have a variety of festivities to choose fun, namely THE official St. Patty’s Day party spot on Sunday, March 17 – George’s Majestic Lounge on Dickson Street – where favorite local band The Trash Can Bandits will get funkier than a five-leaf clover performing a FREE show at 9 p.m. Consider yourselves lucky if you’re 21 year old or older.”

"Trashcan Bandits is an indie folk band with heavy gypsy and jazz influences and features four members on seven or more different instruments, including clarinet, mandolin and even the spoons! The lead singer's deep, vibrato-filled voice is unusual for a bar band, but it transcends the environment. His voice reminds me of a cross between Louis Prima (from Disney's "The Jungle Book" soundtrack) and Tom Waits if they sang as one voice in a Las Vegas lounge with a gypsy-Irish theme. Some of their tracks sound like The Pogues meet The Stray Cats. Here's a song: Trashcan Bandits, I'm told, put on a great, energy-packed live performance, and they'll do it all again this Friday night starting around 9:30 at Chelsea's. Admission is $5 and ages 21 and up are admitted."

“There will be a new band to us at Chelsea’s. The Trashcan Bandits from Fayetteville formerly members of ‘Cadre’. This gypsy jazz pirate blues band has a touch of the Irish and a big sound. They have so much energy you think they might just fly off the stage...and they just might.”

“The name The Trashcan Bandits took on a lot of meaning for all the members. Originally named after an old Cadre lyric, the crew was immediately unified but the name took on more and more meaning as the band progressed. The majority of the songs The Bandits ended up playing were songs they had originally considered throw-away songs. This created a new angle to their musical style; playing the songs that others threw away. The name also had special meaning for several of the members who lived out of their cars or were even homeless for several years. Dane, especially, had always resonated with the idea of being a sailor or pirate while being homeless; stealing food occasionally, roaming from place to place, and it comes out in their music. And now, with The Trashcan Bandits success in other towns, the band can once again sail of the seas of pavement to pillage, plunder and conquer wherever they may land.”

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