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“Turning west and heading into Hillcrest, the Merrow is still presenting live music in the spirit of the Ruby Room. Judging by a recent night I spent there, the somewhat legendary complaining neighbor of the past seems to be history. I caught a full set of the Touchies with their amps on full-crank that didn’t end with a visit from the cops. Maybe the local police just have a soft spot for quality pop-punk.”

“Southern California punk rock that is happily (and heavily) influenced by the Ramones and Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers. 8 songs in 15 minutes and loads of fun, fun, fun, including amped-up covers of the Banana Splits and the Jesus and Mary Chain. Rock on, Touchies. - See more at: http://www.goldminemag.com/blogs/things-old-things-new-aka-ton-cd-reviews#sthash.jBCpV8ou.dpuf”

“April 15: Peelander-Z (from Japan but based in NYC), with the Touchies and Pleasure Fix at the Soda Bar. Stanze and Mishey from the Touchies said Peelander-Z could quite possibly be the best live band ever!”

“Sand Diego band you’re a fan of: Bardot: I have a bit of a soft spot for really good punk rock, that’s how I started and I think that the touchies don’t get mentioned enough so I gotta say the touchies. They’re really hard workers and Stanze is an amazing front person who has that stage make up that I’ve always wanted.”

“The Touchies Mess With The Unicorn… Get The Horn! Straight-up pop punk. Simplistic, melodic, irreverent. Every song be-gins with a “1-2-3-Go!” and almost all of them clock in at 2:30 or less. The tunes are catchy and straightahead without any regard for pretense or self-indulgent “artistry.” Listening to this takes me back to the feeling of going to all-ages punk shows in my younger days. reverbnation.com/thetouchies”

“Other mentionables’d be “Japan Night” at Til-Two, featuring Japan bands Happy, Vampillia, Zarigani, and our own Touchies. DJ Heather Hardcore will be spinning ’round sets at that one...”

“The members of local trio The Touchies—Stanze, Mishey and Von—adopted Touchie as their collective last name, Ramones-style. Likewise, The Touchies share those punk-rock legends' affinity for simple, straightforward and fun punk rock. There's nothing particularly fancy about what they do, and there shouldn't be; sometimes punk is just about having a good time, and The Touchies certainly deliver.”

“Mishey Touchie / The Touchies: “ Well, the strangest thing to happen to me on stage, happened without me even knowing about it. My old band Happy Endings and I were playing a gig at a coffee shop that use to be across from SDSU. It was a daytime show and I was a little bummed because only about 10 to 15 people showed up. So because of that I wanted to play a short set and really didn't put my heart into the show. Well after we played we walked outside and Ben Folds was sitting outside. He had just done a soundcheck for X-Fest nearby and he could totally hear us from where he was standing. I felt like playing the show again. Like "this is how we really sound when I'm not being a primadonna because only 10 people showed up". So there's a lesson learned: always play your best, cause you never know who's listening.””

“On Friday, July 13, the Whistle Stop will throw a free show with the Touchies, the New Kinetics, and DJ Robin Roth, all dressed in comic-themed costumes (which attendees are encouraged to wear as well). According to Mishey Touchie, "The New Kinetics are going as characters from the Scott Pilgram comic. The Touchies are going as characters from the comic movie Battle Royal. It's the movie where all the school kids are sent to the island and they have to stay and basically kill each other, until one kid is left standing. I've tried to explain it to people, but all they say is 'You mean like Hunger Games?' I'm not too sure about that, I've never seen Hunger Games."”

““Roller derby puts the ‘roll’ in ‘rock and roll,’””

"Time to bust out the champagne: The San Diego Music Foundation announced the nominees for the 2011 San Diego Music Awards today."

“Garage-rockers The KABBs and pop-punks The Touchies will celebrate the release of their new CDs at Whistle Stop Bar on Friday, May 13. Robin Roth and Jaime Ali will DJ.”


“The Touchies launch two new CDs at the Whistle Stop on May 13, one all-original and another featuring comedic covers. “The title of our originals album, Friends of the Friendless, came from an episode of I Love Lucy, where Lucy encounters a musical group by that name that welcomes anyone to jam along,” says Stanze Touchie. As for the covers album, “The name David Cover-Riverdale is a play on David Coverdale of Whitesnake and Riverdale, the fictitious town where Josie and the Pussycats are from.” Attendees who buy the originals album get the covers LP for free.”

“It’s something that you listen to that’s fast and makes you want to run around in a mosh pit. Metal is more my preference, but I play guitar and I’ve had some punk influen/ This seems a little more mainstream than a lot of older punk — more [influenced by] American punk than British punk. The lyrics were about partying — stuff that’s pretty punk. It’s short and sweet, how punk songs should be.”