The Top Shelf Band / Press

"The Top Shelf Band - that colourful crew of crafty cads... ...You just can't get the stains out!" - Charlotte Church

"Whatever keeps Foxaque off the stage is a great victory for social reformers, but a dreadful loss to London." - C J Lazaretti, The Erotic Review

"Making History: the first band to have played on all three stages here at the Royal Albert Hall!"

"Impeccable swing tunes are served up with obscene lyrics by the lead singer, Arthur Foxaque, a diabolic mash-up of Terry-Thomas and Al Bowlly." - Ben Chu, The Independent Newspaper

"There are only two kinds: good music and the shit F*xaque writes."

Duke Aillington

“A revelation!”

Jamie Maclean - The Erotic Review

"Never mind your punk rock... your happy hardcore handbag house: THIS IS MUSIC!"

"Under no circumstances should they be permitted in any church or parish house under Episcopal control."

Right Rev. Charles E. Woodcock, Bishop of Kentucky. - The New York Times, September 1921

"Calling all beatniks, comrades, comraves, tropical gangsters - lend me your ears: the GOODNESS has arrived. Thank the gods. FAST AND LOUCHE is too real to be missed. Now I can relax in my hammock with an all-knowing smile ... for the torch has truly been passed on to the next generation of HIPSTERS. Ride the pegasus my brothers and sisters. Excelsior." - KID CREOLE

"This immoral cacophony must be censored, curtailed and banned outright and we sincerely hope bands like The Top Shelf never return and again muddy the clear waters of decency in the communities, towns and cities of our great nation."

"Brewed in Cardiff and smuggled over the border to London and beyond. Like all finest contraband, The Top Shelf Band are best enjoyed under illicit conditions... Impeccably rude!" - Rowan Liggett, The Miniature Music Press

"The Top Shelf Band: frequenting seedy bars, living in the gutter, drinking rum and chasing showgirls... adopt the lifestyle!"

"Arthur Foxaque: Cardiff's Contemptible Caustic Crooner!" - Jonah Flatfoot, The Zen Hussies

"...Smutty rhythms, comic touches and real jazz virtuosity, the Top Shelfers capture a swinging sound that's part Atomic Fireballs, part Cab Calloway, and entirely delightful."