The Tontons / Press

"Asli Omar has one of the city’s most alluring female voices, and she anchors every one of this effort’s five songs. She’s at her swirling, hypnotic best on So Young and the title track. That’s not to take anything away from the wall of fuzzy sound behind her, particularly Adam Martinez’s expert guitar work."

"The Tontons have been around for a while, appearing at SXSW as far back as 2008 when they released their first EP. (Hey, that's four years, now!) But their 5-song release in October, 2011, "Golden", marks a much more polished and--dare I say--pretty sound."

"I can’t believe I haven’t posted about them until now. Because they’ve been playing non-stop in our house for a while now. Especially since their new album Golden came out about a month ago. The Tontons (Asli Omar, Tom Nguyen, Adam Martinez, Justin Marinez) are a severely talented group of people, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for them. They’re going to be huge."

"Listening to the amazing fusion of rock, soul, pop, jazz and blues of Houston four-piece The Tontons‘ new 5-track EP Golden (as well as their 2009 self-titled release and 2008 debut Sea and Stars), the one thought that will continuously echo around your brain is why this act hasn’t already been on the tip of everyone’s tongue as a Band You Must Hear (and Subsequently Fall In Love With)."

"The band's just-released, five-track EP, Golden, is a delicious little musical amuse-bouche, with hints of everyone from Adele, Estelle and Macy Gray to St. Vincent, Silversun Pickups and Blondie."

"The Tontons managed to put together just 5 songs, and they were good enough to land near the top of my list. That’s how talented and mesmerizing this band really is. I was introduced to Houston’s own The Tontons in fall of 2011, and already my love affair with them has catapulted into what I hope is a long enduring relationship. With Golden, the band repays my affection with some of their cleanest, most soulful work to date, and it’s work that really brings to light how versatile this band really is. Ever so slightly stepping away from their psychedelic sounds of previous efforts, Golden manages to produce a much more intro-friendly sound to the uninitiated. This is a love affair I won’t mind sharing, and I can’t wait for whatever full release The Tontons have planned for us next."

"10. The Tontons, Golden EP (Self-released) There’s no denying the talent of the musicians behind the voice, and these five songs showcase both elements well. It will be interesting to see how The Tontons progress in 2012."

"10. The Tontons, Golden "Golden," the title track from the Tontons' latest EP, wowed almost everyone in Houston — including rapper Bun B, a frequent face at the band's gigs — with its pulsating hookiness and lead singer Asli Omar's fist-shaking, Debbie Harry-biting sensuality. That could be because it's been the most non-Tontons-sounding Tontons song, a strong departure from the usual kaleidoscopic vampiness we've gotten used to since their debut recordings. Houston scene vet/secret weapon Derek Dunivan handled the bulk of the production and engineering, adding his audible fairy dust to the tracks."

“But unlike the furry, horned creatures on Hoth, these Tontons – guitarist Adam Martinez, singer Asli Omar, drummer Justin Martinez and bassist Tom Nguyen -- are neither odiferous on the outside or inside. They’re just the latest of a bumper crop of great Houston bands to make a superb recording this year. So here we go . . .”

“An accidental misspelling might have saved the Tontons from being frozen by Star Wars creator George Lucas. The Houston band had an EP recorded, complete with cover art. What it didn't have was a name. “We tried out the Prowlers for a bit,” bassist Tom Nguyen says and laughs. “We worried people would think it was a car or something.” While watching The Empire Strikes Back, Nguyen and guitarist Adam Martinez thought the tauntauns — described as “omnivorous reptomammals” on Wikipedia — might provide a good name. Lucas is protective of his world, which is why the Tyler band Eisley is no longer Mos Eisley. So one of this city's brightest bands might have saved its name by accidentally spelling its name the Tontons.”

“GHCVB's latest non-traditional effort has been very well received. The project began as a video concept to present the flavor of the city's attractions in a format that would be both effective and fun to watch. Working with production partner Zenfilm, the bureau landed on a concept to image Houston's highlights, attractions, nightlife and dining with a music video featuring talented local recording artists. The Tontons were an easy choice having won the Houston Press Music Award for Best New Act in 2008 and with a brand new record "Kraken" on the shelves. The Tontons are: Asli Omar, Tom Nguyen, Adam Martinez and Justin Martinez.The song "Leon" is from the new Tontons record from Esthetic Noise Records. The album was recorded at SugarHill Recording Studios and produced by John Griffin. ”

“he Tontons took the stage and nearly everyone rushed inside, which made Mango's look around half full - a nice sight, given that this was a show announced all of two days prior.”

“At 19 or 20, Asli Omar, vocalist for local psych-blues-rockers Tontons, might just be the finest young female vocalist in Houston, possessed of pipes that can shift gears between languid breathiness and heretofore undiscovered metal-melting alloys. You can hear elements of Bjork, Billie Holiday, the Amy Winehouse family of singers (Nina Simone, Esther Phillips, Shirley Bassey), and Norah Jones, but ultimately Asli Omar sounds like Asli Omar. She has the big it factor, a voice you can instantly recognize as hers and hers alone. (Actually, and probably nobody will remember this band, but she reminds me more than a little of Melora Zaner, the singer in the briefly legendary mid’80s Nashville proto-grunge band Raging Fire.)”