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“ Just The Tip, an American soul rock band energing from Eugene, OR, have presented not just an insanely cool album cover, but chilled back and relaxing anthems. It begins with an alienated Jimi Hendrix haze like intro for their song 'Trouble', which gives a nice country feel from vocalist Jay Schroeder, with the sweet sounding guitarists Ira Mazie and Justin Grado interweaving through the song. The Country/Soul/Rock pace is very consistent through the album, which may draw critisism for little variation. But I contradict that, with the boogie-like 'Heroes in the Halfshell", which is bound to get you dancing, to the spiteful "Shame On You", which gives the limelight to drummer Malcolm Orr, and giving credit last and not least to bassist Eric Lee, who does a superb job rounding up all the songs with the melodic bass playing.”

“it was a great show – only thing that can answer that is a great review =)”

“You know where to find these guys (Facebook, ReverbNation, etc.) – just know it’s a pale shadow of them live!!”

“Hey Guys....you will be leading off my show tomorrow night at 7pm. That girl is really starting to get a lot of requests...I knew it would! I have people call me saying "Hot Damn" All the best, Joey....Key-Z FM in S. Miami and the Florida Keys. keysradio.com”

“.just got a couple of more emails...looks like I'll have to go a little heavier in rotation...congrats.”

“Hey Guys, your a hit in the Keys. Had quite a few emails from people who loved "One Way Road" You are in my full rotation now. Thanks for all! BTW...."That Girl" will debut around 7PM tonight. KeysRadio.com, Key-Z to stream live!”

“Hey Guys....Got the CD today...gave it a listen, really good stuff. I am putting 2 songs in my rotation. One in heavy, and one in medium. By the way, when your in the Fl Keys, hollar at me and we will cut something live on the NightTrain! If any of your fans want ...to catch the station, Key-z FM can be streamed live at KeysRadio.com”

“The first track, “Trouble” glides along a desolate road, smooth and bluesy. Schroeder’s strong, deep voice is assertive in its claims: “I know I’m causing trouble, so come on over, baby, and see how it’s done.” The title track tells the story of setting out on a journey to prove oneself, while the powerful “Earn My Turn” wails like a siren. The closing track, “Heroes in a Half Shell (TMNT),” brings it back to the ’80s: “Wanna watch some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with you; wanna see what Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles do.” Shades of the television theme song are layered with chants of “Heroes in a half-shell!” in the background for a song that is just plain fun.”

“Just the Tip’s debut album, Hero’s Journey, features 11 original songs that range from smooth and sensitive to raw and filled with energy, tinted with shades of classic bands like Stone Temple Pilots, Santana and Dave Matthews Band.”

“Don’t let the name trip you up. Eugene’s Just the Tip began as a dynamic duo: singer Jay Schroeder and guitarist Ira Mazie, who were “just the tip” of the band. Next, they added Justin Grado (lead guitar), Jeff Opsahl (bass) and Sammy Wayne (drums). Their smooth blend of soul, rock and funk should appeal to a wide array of music lovers, from those who long for classic rock to those just looking for an energetic live show”

“ They rocked the Roost. Can't wait to have them back. They will go far and we wish them good luck. The song When I Noticed is great. Thank You guys for playing at The Buzzards Roost Lamar CO. ”

"jay" the Buzzards Roost - the next big thing eugene

“ This Week’s Columbine Lounge lineup is already completely reserved. We have four bands playing tomorrow night, so we are even starting a half hour early to get everyone in. The bands playing: Hey Big Guy, SKU, Hoodoo U and Just the Tip. Just the Tip is on a tour of Colorado all the way from Bend, Oregon. They played at the Tailgate last week, and it was a treat to listen to their upbeat, soulful modern alternative original music. They showed up with a tour bus, a large van and a huge trailer full of all their gear. These guys even set up a booth with t-shirts, CDs and other merchandise, and seem to have sold quite a bit.”

“Sammy Wayne says " We Are The S*** " on KDUR Durango”

Sammy Wayne - KDUR Radio Durango