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“The Tinder Box may be a simple three-piece band, but boy do they pack a wallop. “Toe-tapper” may be the best way to describe “These Winds,” the single from the group’s debut EP of the same name. When a lonely trumpet line kicks in to start the song off, it’s a sure sign of the sorrowful-yet-hopeful tone the song will take — only to be enhanced soon after with spot-on bluegrass singing laden with notes of despair and encouragement.”

"We only recently came across The Tinder Box a three piece band that hail from south eastern South Dakota. There is a rawness and a southern gothic feel to their music which we liked a lot, a cross somewhere between 16 Horsepower, The Cave Singers and Califone."

"The low/high harmonies backed by banjo and ethereal guitar call to mind the folk-pop of bands like Of Monsters and Men and The Lumineers. There’s a little more of the traditional bluegrass roots here, though, giving it a darker edge. This is lovely music."

“These guys pound a mellow yet high-energy vibe that would do any Colorado string band proud.”

J.C. Shepard - nodepression.com / jcshepard.com

“The Tinder Box has got this genuinely fresh, worthy-of-playback sound that is rare in the folk industry these days. “These Winds” brings together a lone kick drum with banjo & trumpet, alongside unique, harmony-laden melodies for one helluva bluesgrass track.”

quentin - newdust.com

"Incorporating different instruments, from banjos to harmonicas to trumpets, they pull from bluegrass and folk influences to create a refreshing sound in a world of autotuned and over-produced albums."


“From guitar and banjos to trumpets and cellos, the local musicians create a mix between your parents' favorite band and the acoustic music you're shy to admit you like.”

605 Magazine

“Acoustic folk-rock isn't extremely uncommon around Sioux Falls, but The Tinder Box definitely bring a new, fresh outlook to the genre.”

605 Magazine