Tim Lynch Band / Press

“...."the Tim Lynch Band transcends the sickly stereotypes that have throttled the airwaves for far too long".......”

“Tim is an incredible song writer and amazing musician. His band is composed of four extremely talented artists. Their music is honest, witty, and from the heart and soul. The music showcases not only the talents of the band members, but is invigorating for the audience as well. I've watched people request cover songs, but when they hear Tim Lynch originals for the first time, they jump up and start dancing!!!”

Jamie E. - Post on Facebook

“Hey bud, I am a metal head tried and true, but I really dig that CD you let me check out. It truly kicks ass bro. ”

Terry J. (Bad Apple) - post on facebook

“Man, what a great CD! I have listened to it over and over since I first heard u at Tippers on New Years. What an awesome voice. ”

Mellisa B. - post on facebook

"Damn Boy, dem original songs you singing, boy they the real deal. You an old country boy and them words really hit home!

Unknown Tim Lynch Fan - In a bar