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“Hammer In Our Hearts.... a night to remember Ever go to a show and a celebration breaks out? If you spent one particular Saturday night in June with The Thrillhammers, you have now. A concert? A swansong? A tribute? Yeah, all of those words could work. None of them alone really quite cover “Hammer In Our Hearts: A Tribute To Chris Chandler” though. With that thought in mind, I’m going to dispense with my usual post-show review format here, I’d really rather just talk about the experience. I mean, how do you “review” a family reunion?”

“On the rock and roll side of things, we've got "Gurley's Gone," a country-inflected anthem courtesy of The Thrillhammers, known locally for their work with Redneck GReece. It's more or less what you'd expect given all that information. (Also, this song showed up in my inbox from sender "BOBO" with the subject line "GURLEY'S GONE!" and I literally panicked for a moment, like, OH F#!* SEARCH PARTY TIME. Turns out it wasn't that Bobo.)”

“The Thrillhammers: 25 Years of Rock ‘N’ Roll ... and Counting!”

“Jolly southern rockers The Thrillhammers claim to have existed for over 25 years, yet I can’t recall ever hearing of them before. The Canton quartet has just released a CD titled Highway 369, showcasing a well-honed ability to shift styles subtly and skillfully. A little too slick for my tastes, but it seems par for the course these days. I could see ’em opening for Zac Brown, Blackberry Smoke and other bands half their age.”

"Roots rock influenced by the mountain music of their grandfathers, classic country of their fathers, and the arena rock of their youth. "

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“The Southern experience can only be told by men who lived it, whose roots dig deep in the gnarled clay of the region, a part of the world marked by clans and moonshine, canning jars and creek bank baptisms. Men like Faulkner, Wolfe and Tennessee Williams wrote eloquent stories about it, along with songwriters like Hank and Gregg, Cash and Van Zant. The Thrillhammers join that list. With a grinding blend of Memphis soul, Muscle Shoals musicality and Appalachian attitude, the songs paint an unflinching portrait of life, love, happiness and hardship. The shared vocals shift from tender and heartfelt to rocking and raw while guitar, drums and keyboards provide some of the best southern riffs and rhythms in more than a decade. The Southerner will know every character, every corner, and every feeling poured out by the Thrillhammers. And those from outside the region will gain another glimpse into a part of American artistry too often tossed aside.”

"Opening the show was local band The Thrillhammers, whose infectious brand of good old rock n’ roll got the party started early. Their new CD titled Highway 369 was produced by Fozzy guitarist Rich Ward."

“The Thrillhammers - Long Story Short - Sometimes you just have to rock. That is what The Thrillhammers appear to be all about if this debut is any indication. This Canton, Georgia based foursome infuses touches of country and blues into a blistering rock machine, like a more honky tonk fueled Georgia Satellites with frayed edges nodding towards Jason and the Scorchers. They don’t try to be trendy or modern. The music just feels like they strapped on their guitars, grabbed their drum sticks, cranked up the amps, and let loose. Pure rock is often created that way, and that is what The Thrillhammers have done here.”