The Three Way / Press

“This electric power trio brings many different sounds to the music table. With driving funk rhythms at times hard edge and almost jazz style rock guitar followed by a unique singing style. A true chemistry of this band can be witnessed live until their EP is ready for release. This is definitely a group waiting to unleash its fury.”

“The Three Way delivers the Blues all wrapped up in a shiny Rock and Roll wrapping paper with sexy guitar, compelling base, and explosive drums that will put a spell on you.”

Vanessa Salazar - V103 Blues Show

“The Three Way can really bring it. Their versatile sound has seen them gigging at just about every venue in the region with everyone from punk bands, to jam bands, to rock bands alike. A little bit The White Stripes, a little bit The Devil Makes Three, The Three Way is for anyone who digs good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll.”


Unplugged Magazine

“V103 Rock has certainly embrace The Three Way over the last year. They have made appearances on several of our shows including The Morning Dump, Hump Day Punk Day, and The V103 Blues Show. They’re infectious, intoxicating, and quite honestly, seductive. We passed out the Three Way Ep, Foreplay, to our staff one afternoon. One of them looked at the CD and said “I probably won’t listen to it”, she shrugged her shoulders but took the CD anyway. Two days later…”OMG, I can not stop listening to this CD. These guys are AMAZING.” We feel that if you heard The Three Way, you would feel the same way. Request their songs here on V103 Rock. Visit their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/thethreeway and definelty get out to see them at a local music show near you. Screw that, go see them at a show that’s not near you, it will be worth the road trip.”