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I love making records and pride myself on my arrangements. All songs are through ASCAP. I am enamored with songs that tell a story then takes me to places I didn't expect it to go. I compose with the same Philosophy. I am a disciple of the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Mozart, Jellyfish, Chicago, David Bowie, Sir Elton John, Richard Carpenter, John Lennon & Sir Paul McCartney. I am exceedingly thankful for my brilliant team of musicians that I get the privilege of being highly creative with. Our playful chemistry is extraordinary and their professionalism is second to none. Jakael Tristram, Sean T. Lane, Marc Miller & Nikki Coleman. Thank you all....

Since 12/28/16, The Thomas Project music is the #1 ranked Ambient artist locally and regionally and #1 in the U.S. charts out of 528 artists. The Thomas Project music is #2 globally out of 1,279 artists.

A special thank you to HOF inductee Roger Fisher of Heart for your candor, critique and ongoing support.

A special thank you to Ron Foos of Paul Revere's Raiders for your friendship, enthusiasm, guidance, support and... for putting up with me on your project in LA. I owe you lunch brother. Thank you also for the Wrecking Crew...

A special thank you to Darren Dowler, lead singer of Paul Revere's Raiders and original guitarist of the Backstreet Boys for your support and encouragement.

A special thank you to Hummie Mann for your friendship, ongoing support, encouragement, guidance and candor. Your industry knowledge is unparalleled.

A special thank you goes out to David Luckin. The Electro Lounge overnight radio program.... for giving me the opportunity of airtime and for playing my music. You were the first.

Thank you also to Paul Speer for your industry wisdom, guidance, candor and support.

The Thomas Project is:

Thomas John Segers
Piano, Yamaha Synth, Organ, Rhodes, Korg microkorg

Jakael Tristram
Lead, Rhythm, & Acoustic Guitars

Sean T. Lane
Drums & Percussion

Marc Miller
Bass & Goofiness

Nikki Coleman
Lead & Backing Vocals

Jakael Tristram

Mixed By:
Jakael Tristram & Thomas John Segers

Thomas John Segers & Jakael Tristram

Thomas John Segers

Executive Producer:
Thomas John Segers

A Special thank you to Robert Lang studio and your staff

I miss you Honey....

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The Thomas Project music
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Ambient / Pop Rock / Electronica/Dance

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Seattle, WA