the th0ught pr0v0ker / Press

“These Songs of our times that will search your soul as James hits it right on the nail and puts it out there for all to hear! His catchy music, vocal style and searing lyrics are surely a great listening experience that may even have you questioning your own comfy mindset. Play 'em all, if you dare! -Rob”

Rob from 'Promize'

“Wow..."Good News" really made me think...awesome”


"the word Earth has Worth" - - - SHEER GENIUS!!!! You aren't the thought provoker for nothing! Continue this MAGNUM OPUS!

David Niles

“Men with Hats meets REM on the road to Damascus, this is the sound of 'the th0ught pr0v0ker'.:-)Shalom/Salam/Peace to all... ”

EP Emsley

“ There was no good news in the Sunday paper today,so I came where there was " Good News " ”

'Charles' of The Fabulous Del Counts

“Hi James, Outside of the great soundtrack and it's colorful 'world music' influences 'What do you think' is the best proof that an original approach to the subject is possible. Never been the biggest of 'Christian Rock' since I've always found the way of transporting the message was quite shallow. You do great here with your Th0ught Rock. The Galapagos mention makes me smile. The monkey mention vs. monkey business is clever. One of the most remarkable spots here on RN. Great song. All the best ~ kappi”




“One cannot help but to be strongly drawn to your amazingly changing tone and attitude in your story-telling pieces , such impressive methods of vocals manipulation for theatrical purpose!!!”


“This good news blew my mind James!!!”


"Those who think they know, know nothing; those who know they know nothing, really know." And that's the truth.

The Old Philosopher

"food for thought seasoned with some of the tastiest song-crafting going!!!"

Opossum, Rabbit and Shrew

“Yo this guy is going to be the next big thing!!!! I see it in his music and wordplay is exactly his name "the th0ught pr0v0ker!!!!''”

Rainman 'the real'

“Wonderful wordplay”

Rainman 'the real'

“There ought to be a new genre for your music. For now let's just call it awesome.......”

Annika Vitolo

“Good News not many songs can shed light the way this song can. Awesome! Peace.”

Mask Poet

“I like the name 1st then I listen to the lyrics and you are 100% original, thanks for that!!”

The Bandit

“This is pure poetry in motion!!!”

Rick Frost

“Your work remind me of the religious poet Quirinius Kuhlman: last heretic burned at the stake. He infused numbers and stark concrete images into his work. ”

Greg Leatherman

“James Chaney is one of the premier lyricists of our time. Absolutely brilliant!!!”

Rick Frost

“Your music and lyrics are very brave... we really respect that kind of courage in music!!! ”


“I like your take on things and your frankness. The music is really really enthralling and a pleasure to listen to. Thought provoking!”


“both these tunes exemplify the best in arrangement and structure..mini rock operas in a pop song format..just stunning! ”


“Your songs provoke thought...Someone needs to pay attention....yeah? ”

KC Daleigh

“Creative, innovative lyrical work that is embedded in a cloud of musical exceptionalism. James , you have certainly lived up to your moniker "The Thought Provoker". I would encourage anybody breezing by to stop and listen - this is a great lyrical and musical stomp. ”

Rick Frost

“wow! slightly screwball but original and cool. like it! the Wildflowerz, Scotland ”

the wildflowerz, Scotland

“Very intersting, unique music. I have to say you are the first writer, I have come across, who uses scientific formals, numerology and word scrambles in his lyrics. I guess you really are the Th0ught Pr0v0ker :) Professor James Chaney would also work. Nice job guys !!! ”


“WARNING: might get up in your head n' stay with the things I say...LOVE n' LIGHT!!!”

The Th0ught Pr0v0ker