The Tex Mex Experience / Press

"The formula is simple; great songs, excellent arrangements, and quality musicians who like to play together and have a good time doing it… Shawn and the boys have learned from their elders, and made it fit their groove. This has to be one of the coolest treasures I’ve heard in a while. "

Big G's Texas Road Show

"The apples that fall from musical trees are too often lower grade than their progenitors. But Sir Doug's son Shawn Sahm proves that he might well over time yield a full bumper crop of artistic fruit as fine and succulent as his dad's work.This is an album that would make papa proud indeed."

Rob Patterson - Texas Music Magazine

"...The band pumped out a high energy, high volume set of Texas rock. TMX is ready for the big time. If the business types from the music industry are worried about marketing a rock band with an accordian, they need to get over it, strap on their dancing shoes and unleash the Tex-Mex Experience. "

Jim Beal - San Antonio Express News

“It’s not just the genes that fit so well, the #1 son of Texas musician Doug Sahm creates the most exciting hybrid of vibrant border rock since his father’s by fusing Latin rock with roots rock.”