The Texas Tornados / Press

“The spirit of the record is so joyous, it’s hard not to smile as it plays”

“The ultimate Tex-Mex super group is back - Augie Meyers and Flaco Jiménez reunite with the son of Doug Sahm, Shawn Sahm in a new recording that includes five previously unreleased vocal performances from the legendary Freddy Fender.”

From the Official Band Press Release

“The groove is there. Shawn sounds just like his dad - even looks like him. When we’re performing it seems like Doug is there with us, or even Freddy because we do his tunes as well. It hasn’t changed even though they’re not here with us. We didn’t lose the groove.”

Flaco Jiménez

“The reconvening had a lot of positive vibes to it. We were all really happy to be there. The recordings were very festive and everyone was very up. And we knew we had a good record. Everyone loved making this project happen.”

Shawn Sahm

“The album was produced by Shawn Sahm and will be released nationally by Ray Benson's Bismeaux Records on March 2, 2010.”

From the Official Band Press Release

“Playing together again for the first time since the ‘90s and feeling what Shawn calls “the Tornado vibe,” the group enlisted Shawn to take over and “drive the bus” for their first album in over a decade. His goal for the record was “to keep it a straight up Tex-Mex rock and roll record.”

From the Official Band Press Release

“When they first began recording, Shawn was very pleased but not surprised to hear them “sounding like they are playing at the top of their game.” He states, “When you hear this record, you hear why they are the legends they are.”

From the Official Band Press Release

“Shawn Sahm fine-tuned each track according to the group’s feedback giving each detail serious attention. Throughout the process, he insisted to all of them, “It is not done until you are happy.”

From the Official Band Press Release

“Everyone knew we had a great record and we felt it would be important to go with someone who understood the legacy of the Texas Tornados. I knew Ray was the right guy. We have been friends for a long time. If anyone understood the legacy of the band, it was Ray.”

Shawn Sahm on Ray Benson

“Besides the wonderful Freddy Fender songs recorded shortly before his passing, Augie, Flaco and Shawn have recorded an album true to the Tornados sound and vision. I am honored to present their CD on Bismeaux Records for old fans and I am sure a host of new ones, too.”

Ray Benson on The Texas Tornados