The Texas Flood / Press

“There is land to the west that is wild and lawless, where the men are tough and the liquor is harsh. And from these bad lands (near Swansea) come The Texas Flood. Part of the NWOATYWRB (New Wave Of Annoyingly Talented Young Welsh Rock Bands), TTF are a blues rocking power trio who take their cue from the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan and this is (I believe) their second ep. Now I first encountered this lot when they played on the same bill as Alien Stash Tin earlier in the year, and I was more than a little impressed that three young guys, barely into their third decade, not only had such a strong handle on classic blues rock, but also the fact they played like guys who had been blues rocking for decades. So I put in a order for their EP and at last its here. Now there are four tracks on offer here. We kick off with Barking Like An Underdog, an excellent slice of get down and boogie blues rock that has echoes of Jason and The Scorchers about it. Then there's Holding My Own, a slick and”

“Having described themselves ‘like the warm centre in an M&S chocolate cake… the one in the advert,’ when asked to summarise their sound, it would be safe to say that The Texas Flood don’t take themselves too seriously. But as laid-back as the band, who hail from Neath and Port Talbot, might be, their easy-going and chilled out attitude and approach serves them well, ultimately influencing and encouraging their melodious music. Treading within the blues and rock territory, the trio – Tom Sawyer (vocals/guitar), Ben Govier (bass) and Tom Williams (drums) – cite their idols as everyone from classics like Whitesnake, Guns N’ Roses and Led Zeppelin to modern rockers Muse, The Raconteurs and Black Stone Cherry. Whilst they are also encouraged by the success of local musicians, they are quick to add that it does, more often than not, come down to luck and good timing.”


“With their bolshy blend of blues and dirty rock, and stateside-focused name, you would be forgiven for thinking that The Texas Flood hailed from America’s Deep South. But whilst the trio are in fact from the depths of Neath and Port Talbot, the locals have definitely got the talent and potential to give their transatlantic peers and idols a run for their money. The band showcase their significantly slick, sharp and promising sound on their debut effort ‘Skeletons’. Coupling cool riffs and rhythms with vibrant vocals that hint at their musical influences, the four-track EP is consistently entertaining, with ‘Freight Train’ and ‘Twice Told’ being reminiscent of Black Stone Cherry. It is a rowdy rock record that the threesome’s American counterparts would be proud of.”

“Very good up and coming Band”